Why to Grow Your Own Cannabis Plant

At some point in your hobby, you may have been thinking how it would be more economical to grow your own marijuana, rather than purchasing it from your favorite reputable source. But there are many other reasons for buying your own cannabis seeds and growing your own marijuana. You’ll have greater control over your hobby, and be in charge . The convenience alone can be worth the hassle of finding a bright spot to grow your own plant, and ensuring that you remember to water it.


Don’t get fooled

If you’ve ever purchased cannabis, and the quality was at issue, then you may be a candidate for growing your own. Perhaps the quality seemed fine, but it was weak, and possibly packaged with useless herbs.  But you smoked it, and can’t return it now. Where’s the proof? Is that actually safe to smoke marijuana from an unknown source? All you can do is never shop there again. When you grow your own plants from seeds and harvest the leaves, you’ll also be assured of high quality, because you were the one who grew them. You’ll never have to worry about quality again, nor having your herbs packed up with useless fillers.

Get you own stuff

Cannabis seeds come in small compact packages, which can be easily stored. These are discreet, so all you have to do is grow your one or two plants at a time, and plant more seeds when you need them. You can space out your growing, and grow to your needs. Your supplies will be right at home, so it’ll save you time from having to run around town once a week to collect what you need.


There’s also a greater level of privacy when you buy seeds, rather than a whole plant. There’s no need to make several trips to your favorite cannabis store, or to order online. You simply stock up on your seeds, and you’re ready to go for the entire year. You’ll not need to worry about credit card information being stolen, which happens with a lot of online shopping nowadays, and it doesn’t matter from where you shop either. There’s no need to wait at home for an order to arrive, as you’re growing your own. Now you don’t have to explain to the postal worker why you’re getting so many packages.

Medical Use

All of the above are great reasons for the recreational cannabis user, but also for those who need to use cannabis for medical reasons. Chances are, that a medical user needs more marijuana than a recreational user. That’s why it’d be great for them to grow their own plants at home. A lot of the hassle of acquiring the cannabis in the first place will be gone. Also, if you’ve been smoking for medical reasons, you may have been stuck at home, particularly if you’re undergoing chemotherapy or have social anxiety. Don’t be stuck at home doubly suffering, because you have to purchase your cannabis from a shop, rather than growing it from home.


The next time you have to visit the store, consider whether buying your own cannabis seeds may make your life easier. You can get some at discounted price on wide variety of cannabis seeds at https://dutchseedsshop.com/


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