Why Are Athletes Turning To Cannabis Before A Workout?

Until recently, cannabis were perceived as a dangerous drug. But with recent milestones in medicine, cannabis has has shown to have many health benefits. Marijuana is now legal in several states in the United States and different other countries across the world have expressed interest in the idea to make it legal for medical use. Some of those who have benefited from taking marijuana include athletes, who use it as a way to relieve pain and also enhance performance during exercise.

Impact of Marijuana on Exercise

Cannabis also helps athletes to improve their athletic performance. It possesses a bronchodilatory effect that encourages oxygen delivery across the body, and it also has pain-numbing effects that suppress pain to allow the athlete to continue training. Cannabis creates focus, which is necessary while exercising. Athletes who use marijuana are able to train harder and longer, and this allows them to prepare adequately for competitions. Athletes in Vegas have especially realized the benefits of cannabis. If you are an athlete battling pain and looking for the best vegas dispensary, marijuana will help you to score better results in your exercise.

Pain Relief

Pain is a common problem among athletes, and one of the reasons athletes suffer from pain is due to injuries they get while playing or training. Taking marijuana has become a good way for athletes to relieve pain so as to continue with the exercise schedule. CBD, which is a nonpsychoactive chemical in cannabis, possesses analgesic properties and it effectively helps to reduce pain during and after exercise. Marijuana relieves different types of pain, including neuropathies, inflammatory, and musculoskeletal.

Speedy Recovery

Muscle soreness, post-workout pain, and stiffness, are problems every athlete encounters every day. Facing any of these problems could slow one down and make it challenging to perform well during competitions. Although there are other medications that could be used to help athletes recover, cannabis has the potential to facilitate speedy recovery by eliminating the swelling and drowning pain. CBD salve is useful when you want to recover quickly following a difficult workout session, and the cannabinoids work in the peripheral tissues and nerves in order to calm pain and provide relief to swelling.

Enhances “Runner’s High”

This is a situation where the athlete experiences a sensation that activates greater clarity and focus. It is attributed to endorphins and is triggered by endocannabinoids, which could be drawn from taking cannabis. Marijuana also alters the perception of time of the athlete and helps them to get better results while working out, so consuming cannabis could be a way to make them to exercise longer and with more focus. It gives them the motivation to keep going.


Although for a long time cannabis has been seen as a dangerous substance, recent tests have shown that it possesses numerous medical uses. Athletes are among those who have tapped into the benefits of marijuana. Cannabis helps athletes to relieve pain and could also be used to treat inflammation. It helps them to stay focused on their exercise so as to perform better.


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