Whoopi Goldberg Turns “Ganjapreneur”

Marijuana has been a lot in the news off late; this biggest newsmaker of today makes one of the country’s fastest growing industries with 31% annual increase with a national market worth $5.7 billion, California voters this fall are likely expected to vote in favor of the verdict of legalizing recreational marijuana.


In a lot of cases recreational and medical products are alike, the only thing that discriminates them is if the user requires doctor’s permission or not. California is more “Marijuana friendly” than any other State as their legislators made medical marijuana official in a series of validation procedures. These legal measures cleared the way for legalizing recreational marijuana products, and if they are legalized this fall it’s going to be a huge landmark for Californians and a huge boost for the weed market too.

The famous celebrity comedian and co-host of the TV VIEW is lending her name and financial backing and launching her very own “medical-marijuana” company with the leading, award winning edibles maker Maya Elisabeth. They have pioneered together a line of products specially designed to liberate women from menstrual cramps and offer them the much-needed relief which won’t have them glued to their couches. The company is called “Whoopi and Maya” and its product line includes: edibles, cannabis, sipping chocolate tinctures, topical rubs and a THC-infused bath soak which are sure to blow you away with its relaxing properties as they are all infused with marijuana and aim to alleviate period pain, their pricing has not been set yet.

Whoopi Goldberg has always been very vocal about her marijuana use and is one of the very few celebs to get on the much hyped “marijuana bandwagon” she also revealed the company is co-financed by three of her friends and family members and she will serve as chairman. Earlier on, Bob Marley’s family collaborated with a cannabis company to launch Marley Natural products and Snoop Dogg supports Leafs by Snoop.

“ Whoopi and Maya ” brand’s products will only be available in California to people with their marijuana approval cards and they will be ready for sale in the upcoming weeks in no less than 5 marijuana dispensaries throughout the State. Due to the marijuana illegal status on the federal level, the product is unavailable everywhere else. Elisabeth and Goldberg said they believe the so-called NICHE MARKET for Marijuana users is hardly a niche with 50% of the population included, as women since many generations had herbal healers and their company’s Marijuana products are just part of this already rife market share

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