What To Look Before Buying CBD Capsules Online?

Cannabidiol shortly known as CBD is a phytochemical which is found in a plant named Cannabis sativa. CBD products are extracted from Cannabis sativa.

Cannabidiol or hemp seed oil is primarily composed of all natural and organic compounds which are essential for all living things especially human beings. It contains major amount of fatty acids about 25-35%, proteins 20-25%, carbohydrates 20-30% and fibers 10-15%.

Due to this marvelous combination of these vital compounds, CBD extracted products have many health benefits like it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, it can relieve pain either chronic or acute. It also helps to reduce the stiffness of muscles, reduces anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia.

Some researches have also shown its effectiveness towards epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer and type 1 diabetes.

Despite of all these benefits, CBD products have some legal issues. It is legal in some states but not all due to its sedative effects like marijuana, and it has many side effects on the central nervous system, causes dizziness and tiredness. It has also shown diarrhea and change in weight and appetite.

So, you should be kept each bit about CBD before buying and using it for therapeutic purposes.

Many industries around the globe have been researching and working for CBD. It is available with a wide range of marketing titles in online stores. As it has become very common to buy CBD products online, so you must be aware of buying criteria of CBD products.

CBD Capsules: An Introduction

CBD capsules are a fine dosage form of CBD products. When CBD has been enclosed in gelatin shell, it makes a CBD capsule. They have been made for easy consumption for users.

There are many types of CBD capsules which depend upon the MCT (Medium Chained Triglyceride) oil. MCT oils are used in mixing with CBD to make its volume, these can be coconut oil, olive oil, etc. These oil help CBD to work effectively and efficiently.

Due to CBD capsule’s easy consumption and dosage accuracy, many manufacturers have started to make CBD capsule. But it is expensive than CBD oil or CBD tincture. The reason is the methodology of mixing MCT oil with an accurate concentration of CBD. But manufacturers are trying to make oil Isolate CBD capsules.

CBD products are available in many forms like CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, CBD vapers, CBD topical, etc. But the most common and convenient dosage form is CBD capsules, because

  • CBD Capsules have an accurate dosage form
  • CBD Capsules are easy to swallow
  • CBD Capsules are easy to carry with
  • CBD Capsules are tasteless and odorless
  • CBD Capsules ensure daily serving accuracy

Difference between CBD Capsules and CBD Tincture

CBD is available in many dosage forms like CBD oil, CBD tincture, CBD capsules, CBD vapors, CBD supplements, etc.

Amongst all CBD tincture is an herbal liquid which has extracted from cannabis or hemp plant. It is easy to use, there will be arisen an issue about its bad taste, while on the other hand CBD Capsules mask the bad taste of cannabidiol.

Let’s take a comparison of CBD capsules and CBD tincture and see, how capsules are better than tincture:

·       CBD Tincture

  1. The dosage form is liquid.
  2. Not easy to swallow due to bad taste.
  3. Concentration and volume cannot be confirmed.
  4. Do not easy to carry with.
  5. The pure extract is here which needs time to digest.
  6. Drop counting is difficult.

·       CBD Capsules

  1. The dosage form is solid.
  2. Easy to swallow because taste has been masked.
  3. The accuracy of the dose has assured.
  4. Easy to carry within the office or traveling.
  5. Due to the presence of MCT oil, effectiveness, working and digestion have been improved.
  6. No counting, no measurements are required.

As a conclusion, we can say that CBD capsules are more convenient to use than CBD tincture and all remaining forms of CBD dosage forms.

What to look before buying CBD Capsules online?


So before buying CBD capsules online, some important points must be kept in consideration:

1.             Check Source Before Buying CBD Capsules Online

As you know that CBD is extracted from Cannabis sativa, which require a climate to grow, which should be warm with temperature 24_30 degree Celsius and natural light.

Best environment and cultivation of Cannabis has been seen in Europe which has a history of Cannabis cultivation with assured quality control.

We recommend you choose brands from European industrial source and avoid the domestic source of hemp seed oil or CBD; it might be toxic or illegal.

Now a days US is also working on Cannabis cultivation with a controlled environment.

2.             Check Dosage Form Before Buying CBD Capsules Online

Well, CBD products do not have any authentic scientific grouping relating to dosage form because it is not regulated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it can affect those who take CBD medically.

So make sure that you take correct dosage form, we recommend that you start taking micro doses until it suits you, but it’s much better to consult your doctor before taking it for therapeutic purpose.

Not a single authentic company can lawfully claim about its complete effectiveness like, if u see, “CBD cures cancer” it cannot be claimed lawfully.

3.             Read Extraction Method Before Buying CBD Capsules Online

It is one of the most important points to keep in consideration before buying or using CBD, commercially there are many solvents which can be used to extract CBD from Cannabis, like alcohol, butane, olive oil, CO2, etc.

Using butane as a solvent for CBD extraction is a cheap and easy method but dangerous too because it leaves behind toxins which are very harmful to consumer.

Being using alcohol is also cheap and comfortable but it destroys important plants waxes and ultimately reduces its health benefits, and you cannot get full spectrum CBD.

Next the olive oil, it is also a suitable solvent for CBD extraction, it gives a good yield, but the extract needs to be stored.

The preferred extraction method is using CO2 as a solvent. In this method CO2 is used in its supercritical state, it is the state of any gas at which the gas exists as liquid and gaseous states simultaneously. It gives high energy and purity to CO2. Then it is passed through Cannabis sativa which offers highly précised extraction.

But the only drawback of the process is that this process needs high laboratory professionals and machinery.

We recommend you buy CO2 extracted CBD products.

4.             Check Laboratory Test Reports Before Buying CBD Capsules Online

According to extraction methodology, the pure and effective CBD products must not have any toxin or harmful residue left behind in the extract, and it must be tested before selling.

When the extracted product has cleared all the biochemical and chemical tests, then it should be sold out.

As a buyer, you should check the lab test reports of CBD products before buying CBD capsules online, which must be mention on the packaging. If you didn’t find the lab test report, we recommend you not to buy that CBD product.

5.             Read Concentration and Volume Before Buying CBD Capsules Online

Cbd products contain pure CBD extract and hemp seed oil; when we talk about the concentration and volume, we are talking about the original amount of CBD product in whole preparation.

So before using it for therapeutic purpose, you must know about its volume and concentration which is mentioned on the packaging.

As general instruction, we recommend a dose containing 1-2 mg CBD daily(for an adult), it can be varied according to the requirement, body weight, age, and sex. But maximum dosage form must not be more than 3mg for initial consumers; it can be altered after one week of successful administration.

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