What Makes 10xPure CBDa Hydrophilic?

More often than usual, do we see people complain about experiencing pain and it never goes away? That pain takes them hostage and sticks to them like a parasite, making them devoid of celebrating anything in their life.

This pain can arise from any part of the body; be it the back, the knees, the thigh or the arm; it always makes the person uncomfortable and agonizes them every second of the day. In scientific terms, this pain is referred to as ‘chronic pain’ the pain that stays for more than three months. It can be due to a number of reasons; some can be explained, however, some do not come with any explanation. It just persists and stays with the person for life.

There are a number of conditions that result in chronic pain; a person with degenerating joint surfaces; like arthritis which can either happen due to a lot of wear and tear or be a result of antibodies being produced against the person’s own cells that results in the damage of the joint surfaces; a condition called rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions cannot be reversed back and neither can the pain be toned down. This pain however can only be managed by either medicines or injections.

There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies and specialists who have been working tirelessly to come up with better products for individuals suffering with chronic pain, but not much has been effective. Most of these come up with a lot of side-effects. The pain does not kill them but their livers, kidneys and vessels get severely compromised and they end up losing their lives.

With so many people being chained to their condition; researchers resorted to finding solutions with the help of nature.

The cannabis plant, that grows in the outskirts of Central Asia which was previously the star of all addicts and junkies, has now shown to contain a mixture of other compounds that do not induce intoxication and is a miraculous pain reliever.

The main show-stopper for the medicine world was definitely the discovery of CBDa, a compound found in the plant of cannabis, that has shown to help a lot of people suffering with chronic pain.

What is CBDa and how does it work inside the body?

As mentioned above, CBDa is a constituent of the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the raw, fresh cannabis. However, CBDa most often gets converted to CBD, as this compound is highly unstable. Scientists and professionals were unable to get pure CBDa out of this plant, instead they mostly used CBD and processed it into different products, that had its own benefits.

CBD has shown exceptional results with a lot of things, but it is not as great a chronic pain reliever as CBDa itself is.

The process that CBDa takes over in order to help patients with chronic pain can be understood in a better way, if we understand the physiology of pain first.

Whenever there is any kind of injury or trauma inside the body, the body starts reacting to it, making sure that the causative agent can be taken care of. During this process, there are a lot of prostaglandins released by the body. These chemicals are the main pain initiators. Not only do these chemicals attract our bodies immune cells but they are also helpful in giving a signal to the individual that something might be wrong with them, and that they should get themselves checked.

For patients with chronic illnesses who have no other way out, as they cannot reverse their situation and are stuck with continuous pricking pain, that greatly affects them both physically and mentally. Most of these patients become bed bound and miss out on all of the great things that life has to offer.

The pathway through which these inflammatory prostaglandins get released is by the ‘cyclo-oxygenase pathway.’ Cyclo-oxygenase is the name given to a family of enzymes, out of which cyclo-oxygenase-2 is the main culprit for initiating pain.

There have been many medicines that have tried blocking this enzyme’s pathway but always ended up disrupting the other pathways; namely the ‘cyclo-oxygenase-1 pathway’ which produces beneficial prostacyclin in the body.

However, many researches have shown and proved that CBDa is one of those compounds, that only targets the cyclo-oxygenase-2 pathway, without affecting the cyclo-oxygenase-1 pathway.

The inhibition ends up producing endorphin-like products, that relieves pain and also acts as a great mood enhancer. So CBDa not just gets you out of your pain but also your grief!

The concept of bioavailability and why is it important

Do you sometimes wonder if the medicine you are taking is reaching your body or is it being flushed out completely? There are quite a few things that despite the individual consuming in a big amount, has no effect on the body as it never gets absorbed. For instance, no matter how much you increase your intake of calcium, it will not get absorbed by your bones unless there is an adequate amount of vitamin D present, to convert it into a form that can easily be taken up by the cells of the body.

This is exactly where the term bioavailability gets used. Bioavailability is a major aspect of drug potency related to its consumption. In simpler terms, bioavailability is the fraction of drug that reaches the systemic circulation to act actively on the body’s receptors.

It is important for every drug to reach the systemic circulation because through the blood, it gets to travel all the way up to the liver. Everything consumed is packaged and processed by the liver. It is the main gateway, that decides to keep or discard drugs as it pleases. Hence, for any drug to have an active effect on the body needs to have good bioavailability, otherwise it just gets excreted out of the body.

Keeping this in mind, when scientists and professionals at CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome), conducted their studies on the liver cells to see how much CBDa reached its final destination, they got some interesting results.

It was found that in the standard hemp oil, due to the outer coating of lipid on its structure, it was not reaching the liver at all and hence was not working as an effective pain reliever, instead it was all being converted to CBD. This is when they started racking their brains to find a way out.

Results of extensive researches, theories proposed by CTFO

At CTFO, they conducted a number of researches to analyze the difference between the standard CBD hemp oil and 10X Pure Patented Hemp oil. Their main goal was to assess the levels of CBDa that was being absorbed by the body in both the two products.

It was found that when 10X Pure Hemp oil was used, there was an approximate increase of 3 million molecules of CBD inside the liver cells , as compared to the standard hemp oil.

The liver processes these CBD molecules into 7-OH-CBD and sends it further to carry out its effect in the whole of the body. When these cells were again examined as to how much of CBD was being processed inside the liver, they saw that  with the usage of 10X Pure Hemp Oil, there were almost 3.5 million molecules of CBD that got converted to its processed form, whereas an approximate of 2.5 million 7-OH-CBD were found, when the standard hemp oil was used.

These two studies made it evident that, even the amount of CBD was being absorbed more when 10X Pure Hemp Oil was being consumed as compared to the normal Hemp oil.

Apart from studies on the levels of CBD, there were more tests conducted to evaluate the levels of CBDa, that ended up reaching the liver cells. Through the process of mass spectrometry, it was evaluated that no amount of CBDa was seen to cross the liver cells, when the regular hemp oil was used.

However, with 10X Pure hemp oil, the liver cells showed an approximate of 140 hundred thousand molecules (0.14 million molecules) in the liver cells, which proves that the 10X Pure Hemp oil, delivers at least 0.14 million times more CBDa molecules to the liver than the normal CBD hemp oil.

CTFO did not just stop right there with their trial and experiments, but also went ahead with more studies to dig in further as to what their revolutionary oil could do. With the help of liquid chromatography, they also found out that 10X Pure contained significantly more CBDa in their oil emulsion as compared to the standard CBD oil emulsion.

This also explained as to why the liver cells showed zero percentage of CBDa concentration in the standard hemp oil. It was because there was less quantity of stable CBDa present in the first place.

Hence, with all the evidence being provided by CTFO, with their multitude of trials and tests, it becomes clear that 10X Pure Hemp oil is the best in the market. It promises adequate delivery to the tissues and cells, so that it can function with its true potential.

This not just helps manage pain more effectively, but also makes it more economical, as one does not have to go on purchasing more and more bottles of standard CBD hemp oil, as one bottle of 10X Pure Hemp Oil, will comparatively work as effectively as 3 bottles of the normal hemp oil would.

So, for the ones suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, you know your next go to stop; which is to replace your standard CBD Hemp oil with the 10X Pure Patented Hemp Oil, that is only manufactured by CTFO.

How did CTFO beat nano and liposomal technology?

Almost 60% of our body is composed of water, which clearly means that all things that are water-based get quickly absorbed whereas those that are not, are excreted out.

In the present day, many specialists and scientists are working on nano-technology and liposomal technology so that many drugs can be delivered directly to the tissues and can easily interact with their target receptors.

Nano-technology is the science of developing nano-particles that not just helps in diagnostic and screening purposes but also functions to manufacture unique drug delivery systems. There are many drugs that have excellent receptor interactions but they cannot get absorbed in blood, due to their structural differences. This is how nano-technology has been seen to create a revolutionary change in the system, by making these drugs work by making them reach the bloodstream.

The liposomal technology also works more or less the same way, desired compounds are packaged inside liposomes, that circulates in the body and reaches its target organ.

The biggest challenges that presented on its own was that CBDa, was not just a highly unstable compound but it also had an oily layer covering it. This was the reason why the molecule of CBDa could not reach either the bloodstream or the liver.

Hence, there is no water-soluble CBD that can be formed, by using either nano-technology or the liposomal technology. So the nano products incorporating nano technology, which is a great technology; cannot supply with full spectrum hemp extract even with the great advances in science and technology.

CTFO, instead of using nano or liposomal techniques, came up with one of its own. They had to make sure that the oily hydro-phobic (water-repelling) molecule became hydrophilic (water-loving) somehow. With multiple studies and techniques, they found that if they highly oxygenated the compound, its lipid/oily layer could get removed. This meant that its polar or hydrophilic ends were all exposed and all ready to be mixed in the body fluids, maximizing absorption.

10X Pure Gold Super 1000 CBDa

The 10X Pure Patented Hemp Oil, is manufactured with a number of ingredients inside. This small bottle of wonder contains a number of cannabinoids; namely CBD,CBDa, CBG, CBV, CBC etc. These compounds are the main reason to give this oil all of its anti-inflammatory pain relieving benefits. It has also shown to be an anti-inflammatory as well as an antimicrobial agent.

The combined effect of all the ingredients packed in the bottle of 10X Pure Hemp Oil, makes it even more consumer-friendly with added benefits. The 10X Pure Hemp Oil comes in many forms, you can either choose to get the 500 mg bottle, the 1500 mg one or the 10X Pure Gold Super 1000. Each of these come with their own set of benefits but with one common ground, providing relief of pain in the most effective way.

Directions of use

The way to use this oil is pretty simple and easy. The bottle contains an approximate of 50 servings, it is advised to use 20 drops, twice a day, which makes a rough estimate of almost 1.2 mL of the oil daily. You can put these drops under the tongue, as it is the site that absorbs drugs the quickest, hence it is the recommended site for the placement of the oil drops.

CTFO and their products

CTFO is setting up the bar really high for all of their contemporaries by setting one after another milestone. They have been working on the products of the cannabis plant, especially CBD and CBDa to such a considerable extent, thriving their best to get maximum benefits out of them.

They have revolutionized the way of treating and managing pain with their extensive range of products. They not just have capsules enriched with CBD and CBDa supplementation but they have topically applied roll-ons, tinctures, vitamin supplements and a lot more.

If we discuss the number of products that they have introduced, with their outstanding technology working on making CBDa more stable so that it can be absorbed easily is remarkable. They have their formulation incorporated in almost all of their products.

The best thing about CTFO and their wide variety of products is that, they not only help in decreasing pain in acute and chronic conditions, but they have also shown properties of acting as an antibacterial agent as well as a probiotic in the body.

This makes it clear that all products are meant to have great health benefits, along with it inhibiting pain as well.


One cannot simply deny that nature indeed has a lot in store for us. A lot of beneficial compounds and chemicals are being extracted by various species of plants and processed into drugs, that have shown to minimize the number of health conditions.

A lot of studies, trials and experiments have shown amazing results from herbs. A lot more investigation needs to be done to see the full potential of these nature-derived drugs which is already in progress.

The cannabis plant is also one of those plants that has been popular in the market for more than a century. However, it has only been popular because of the psychoactive elements present in this plant.

Cannabis, or more famously known as marijuana or weed, is also known as ‘the common drug of abuse.’ Since it causes a state of intoxication with delirium and euphoria, it has been one of the favorite drugs used by teenagers as well as adults. There have been a number of cases reported with people overdosing with marijuana and presenting with a lot of physical and behavioural impairment.

However, there is always a positive element attached to something negative and that is exactly what CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome) aimed for. They have found ways to extract the good out of the plant of cannabis. Researchers and specialists soon found out that there were compounds present in the plant, that did not contain any psychoactive element and moreover were packaged with a lot of health benefits.

These ultra-healing compounds, were so called CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid). These two compounds have shown exemplary results in the management of epilepsy, decreasing levels of anxiety, prevention of obesity, as well as shown to improve sugar levels of those who are suffering from diabetes, or are in a pre-diabetic state.

The biggest discovery that was made however, was finding CBDa to be a potent anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic compound. It was thought to help those patients who suffer from chronic pain, the pain that had affected their quality of life to a considerable extent.

The next revolutionary step was to package this compound into a number of different forms so that they could be easily used by the masses, so that they could manage their condition in a better way. The biggest challenge was to make sure that CBDa effectively reached the cells of the body and did not get flushed out, but CBDa presented itself as a very unstable compound that quickly got turned to CBD under the influence of heat, light or pressure.

Many tried to get this compound to become stable, but up to no avail. CTFO became the pioneers by making CBDa stable and increase its bioavailability to a significant extent, so much so that when compared with regular hemp (raw cannabis) oil, it showed that it worked 0.14 million times better than it.

CTFO beat nanotechnology and lioposomal technology, by oxygenating their oil and making it more soluble in blood. Hence, by using simpler methods, they changed the entire consistency of the ‘oil’ and made it hydrophilic.

The benefits in helping manage chronic pain has been proven by using these products; 10X Pure Patented Hemp oil, however these products have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug and Administration) but these agents and their products have not seen any side-effects as of such. The many other hydrophilic drops can also be consumed by placing them, below the tongue.


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