What is Medical Cannabis – Health Benefits Attached with Cannabis

A herbal drug that is extracted from plants of cannabis is known as Medical Cannabis. It is utilized in the treatment of particular diseases or symptoms. Though cannabis is particularly specific to the plant genus, it can even be used mutually with marijuana. As an analgesic and agent of antispasmodic, it is used for medical purposes, not from now but for many years.

In the 1960s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was discovered as well as in the late 1980s system of internal cannabinoid receptors and ligands. Now with these discoveries, the capabilities of cannabis and its derivatives, as well as extracts, come into existence. These innovations have proved that there are certain sorts of medical disorders that can be treated with the use of cannabis.

With a little bit of awareness regarding the medical use of cannabis, let’s move forward and check out what are the benefits that are attached to it in treating diseases and disorders.

Glaucoma is treated with the use of weed

The eye disease glaucoma can be treated with the utilization of weed. This disease damages the optic nerve and maximizes eye pressure leading to vision loss. But with the help of marijuana, eye pressure is reduced and this has been studied by National Eye Institute in the 1970s that when the glaucoma patient smoked it, it lowered the intraocular pressure. It even reduces the spread of diseases leading to the prevention of blindness.

It might help with the treatment of anxiety

It has been noticed while studying the medical cannabis benefits, that it offers relief from pain and abolishes nausea and surprisingly these 2 main reasons are enough to use it for minimizing the chemotherapy side effects. At Harvard Medical School researchers in the year 2010, that many drugs work well because the anxiety of the patient is reduced with the medical weed and smoker’s mood improves which acts as a calming drug in low doses. There are many states that now promote the use of cannabis like medical cannabis mt pleasant mi, medical weed Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and many more to treat some of the particular diseases.

Medical Marijuana helps in the protection of the brain after a stroke

As per the University of Nottingham, cannabis helps in protecting the brain that gets affected after a stroke. This is not the only reason why medical weed is gaining so much acceptance, they even help in safeguarding the brain from other events that are traumatizing such as concussions.

Multiple sclerosis pain is treated with it

As per the paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, medical marijuana might help in easing out the pain symptoms of this disorder. The painful contractions in the patient’s muscles suffering from multiple sclerosis can be treated with it. They have not responded to any other form of treatments but THC in the pot holds the receptors in the muscles and nerves that help in relieving the pain. It can be consumed in various countries legally but you need a prescription that shows the quantity to need to intake as per the medical purpose.

Final Words

Medical cannabis is not a new word but has been used for centuries. Recently people have finally understood the benefits of cannabis if used in a proper quantity, hence it’s getting accepted legally in various countries. Make sure you treat your disease or disorder by intaking the prescribed quantity otherwise it can fire back as well.

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