What is a Vaporizer

      Using a weed vaporizer is different from using other smoking techniques because the herb or weed is brought to the right temperature, and then the active ingredients (THC) are vaporized and not burned. As a result, fewer harmful substances enter the body. The vapor from the vaporizer is milder in taste and does not irritate the airways.


      Vaporizers, also called evaporators, are not only popular among medical weed users, but also among regular weed users too.The vaporizer can be seen more and more often in coffee shops. The weed vaporizer became known in the Netherlands through Evertof Heerhugowaard who developed the first Dutch evaporator. In the same period, weed vaporizers were also being developed in Canada, where many vaporizers are still produced.

      Vaporizers can be found in all price ranges, from 15 up to 500 euros. The question of which vaporizer will suit you better varies from person to person and the quality usually matches the price.  Glass vaporizers, which need to be heated with a lighter or on a gas stove, are nice for an introduction to evaporation but are not ideal for frequent use. Buying a vaporizer is not an easy task as you have so many to choose from, each offering different possibilities and options.

      An electric vaporizer costing up to 100 euros is often fine to use and suitable for those ona limited budget. While these vaporizers are satisfactory they are often unsuitable for long or very regular use. If you want a really nice, good quality vaporizer, we recommend spending over100 euros. You can contact us for advice on buying a vaporizer which will suit your needs.

Type Vaporizer

There are many differences amongst vaporizers, including ways of heating, inhaling and temperature control. Below, you will find a summary of these three differences.Direct heating vaporizer

Way of heating:

1.A glass weed vaporizer can be heated with a lighter, torch jet burner or gas stove.

2.A vaporizer with direct heating works through a metal or ceramic heating element where the weed is placed.

3.A vaporizer is heated by means of blowing hot air through the weed.

Way of inhaling

1.Direct inhaling is done through a tube or hose, with the smoke going from the evaporator directly into your mouth and lungs.

2.Inhalation by means of a balloon is where the vaporized weed is collected in a plastic balloon.  Once filled, the balloon can be placed on the mouth and the vapor inhaled.

3.A few vaporizers have both options: direct inhaling and via a balloon

Temperature control

1.Fixed temperature, without the ability to control.

2.Adjustable temperature.

3.Digitally adjustable temperature.

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