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Do you know the difference between vaping and smoking, dry herb and vape juice, mouth-to-lung and Direct-to-lung, Clearomizer and Cartomizer dry hits and throat hit? Do you know what it means to go sub-ohm?

If you’re sure about the above terms, then you’re obviously a part of the new world. But if your knowledge of today’s coolest way to get high is downright faulty, if you get AG every time you hear your friends wilding the newest toking-up lingo, vexed because you don’t understand what the heck they are saying, you’re definitely a noob. But worry not, you’re about to learn something here.

Among the changes that have landed on the shores of the marijuana industry are the relaxation of laws on cannabis and the preference of weed vapor to weed smoke. Vaping is the new stylish way to get high on those THC and CBD compounds.

Vaping has been made possible by a weed vaporizer – devices used to heat cannabis concentrates to a vapor rich in THC and CBD. The vapor is then inhaled directly into the lung via a mouthpiece. Vaping has gained popularity since vaporization as an alternative to combustion preserves the weed flavor and releases fewer toxins. But how does the vaporization happen? 

Components of a Weed Vaporizer

A weed vaporizer is an electricity manipulating device with the following technology:

• Chargeable Battery: Supplies the power to the heating chamber.

• Temperature and airflow regulation mechanism to customize the vaping experience. 

• Delivery system: Mouthpiece or any other for inhalation of the vapor

• Heating chamber: Either a Clearomizer, Cartomizer or any atomizer/cartridge combination with a filing system. A Cartomizer is a combination of the cartridge and the atomizer into a single metallic opaque tank; when the atomizer goes bad, the whole tank has to be disposed of. A Clearomizer is just a clear transparent version of the Clearomizer. 

How a Weed Vaporizer Works

Weed vaporizers simply function by heating the weed to release the ingredients. A battery is used to power up the device by supplying power to the atomizer, which has a coil system that heats up. The atomizer is connected to a cartridge forming into a tank-like structure; the hot coil turns the herbs in the cartridge to vapor.

Heating is either done directly where the weed is placed in a metal bowl then heat to vapor or indirectly where hot air is channeled to the herbs resulting in CBD or THC-flavoured vapor. If the tank is used to heat a vape juice, the juice is soaked from the cartridge and pulled to the heating coil via a polyfill material.

Apart from battery-powered vaporizers, you can get one running on A/C power too. All in all, there’ s a specific temperature range which when reached the terpenes and cannabinoids boil off into a gas. Usually, the temperature range is 350F-450F. Temperatures above 450F result in very hot vapor but with some good flavor so feel free to try if you don’t mind the heat.

Among cannabis lovers, vaporization has become the thing now. Vaping is preferred because it’s odorless and yields fewer toxins. Depending on your vaping style needs here are the options of vaporizers for you:

Types of Weed Vaporizers

Pen Vaporisers: Weed vape pens are the latest stylish and pocket-sized rechargeable devices that allow for discreet vaping anywhere anytime. They make use sleek design and technology to allow for loading up and vaping on-the-go. Heating is by conduction.

Portable Vaporisers: Like the weed vape pens, they too can be carried along anywhere but may not be as discreet. The advantage is they have larger tank capacity and battery to last through several vaping sessions.

Desktop vaporizers: Not portable but have powerful heating mechanism compared to their portable counterparts. The vapor taste is high quality too. Suitable for relaxed-vaping back at home or in recreational facilities

Having said that, how then do you get into vaping? Here’s your guide to your first puff.

Using a Weed Vaporizer

Top up the power: The first step is always to check out the power available. Most vaporizers have power indicators such as green flash for OK battery capacity and red for critically low battery capacity. Always plug it in if low top it up. 

Go through the user manual: know how your device is powered on: is it button-operated or draw-activated? Know how to regulate airflow and familiarise yourself with the power safety features. You don’t want mishaps such as hot spills ruining your face now do you? 

Dry Run: power up the device with no herb first for about 90 seconds using the technique from the manual. Dry running burns off any harmful remnant factory chemical flotsam. 

Loading up: You should know the various cannabis concentrates and accessories for loading the tank. Governments have been relaxing their laws on cannabis and cannabis concentrates like shatter, rosin, crumble, wax, and oil have taken on the whole new segment of the marijuana industry. Vape juice can be loaded into the tank via the tanks filling system – take care not to overfill and flood the device. For wax, you need a dabber to scoop it into the heating tank. Use parchment paper to handle sticky shatter or crumble concentrates. Don’t handle your concentrates with bare fingers as it damages the flavor.

Fire up and draw via the mouthpiece: can be by the push of a button or draw-activated automatic firing, either way, heat is supplied to vaporize the herbs to active ingredient which you can toke on by puffing. 

Vaping is a simple process once you learn how the vaporizer device works; but how do you get more out of your weed?

Tricks for Unique Vaping Experiences

To get those unique and fresh vaping experiences, you can use the following simple methods:

• Give time to soak: Allow a 4-9-minute gap between loading up and firing up for the concentres to soak into the polyfill material. Giving time to soak helps eliminate dry hits – vapourless draws.

• Use finely ground weed that vaporizes well; however, avoid overgrinding as it knocks some of the THC off.

• Preheat your vaporizer before loading, especially during winter.

• Clean up your vaporizer: Follow the instructions in the manual to disassemble then clean the vaporizer, especially where there are oil remnants and between the threads. Cleaning keeps it working like a charm Lastly, always vape responsibly, take time between puffs, especially if the vapor is highly concentrated: take it easy; you don’t want to get dizzy now, do you?

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