Are Weed Hangovers Real? 6 Signs You’ve Had One Before

Word on the street regarding the actual existence of weed hangovers is a mixed bag. Some sources sprawl with detailed anecdotes about each moment of the trouble. And some other places outright deny the whole existence of weed hangovers, dismissing them as “just overblown headaches.” But the experience of them isn’t pleasant, no matter where you fall on the they’re real/they’re bogus spectrum.

Canna02 is what you need to handle the following symptoms. How many have you had an hour or two after smoking?

You have a headache.  Who hasn’t had one of these? But if you often get one after having smoked, that’s something to consider. Headaches from weed most often originate from dehydration. So if you’re not drinking enough water or getting enough air in, your body might punish you with an annoying headache. Fortunately, Canna02 is quite good at tackling headache issues as you smoke.

You can’t remember the word “remember.” Tick, tock, tick, tock… and the spaces between those ticks and tocks can really get slow when you smoke weed. As your perception of time takes a hit, so does your memory. A little Canna02 might go a long way in helping to offset this issue and keep you coherent and sharp.

Your mouth’s so arid, it could dry laundry. Yeah, umm… we won’t be throwing wet socks in your mouth anytime soon. Cotton mouth is a common culprit of too much cannabis enjoyment. The way the cannabinoid chemicals starts to break down in the mouth immediately depletes your saliva and gives you that sandpaper feeling in your throat. Canna02 optimizes how marijuana breaks down and can even out this drymouth effect.

You can’t cry, no matter how many kittens have gone missing. “We’re at about 87 Tabbies gone MIA from the local shelters,” the news anchor informs you solemnly. And you still just can’t seem to get the waterworks flowing. Did you happen to smoke weed earlier in the day? THC in cannabis can give you that trademark “red eyes” and dilated look, which can lead to dry eyes. The terpenes in Canna02 help balance out the THC and might help prevent this from happening in the meow-meow future.

Your sleep and energy levels have suffered. Weed’s well known for helping you get shuteye in a flash. But too much weed too quickly can exacerbate any sleeping woes you’ve had. Yes, it can actually be the cause of sleep that’s unsatisfying night after night. Be sure to pair your midnight Mary Jane with Canna02 to help guarantee balanced rest and energy come the morning.

You feel nauseous. Upset stomach is another symptom that smokers have complained about. Year after year of daily smoking can sometimes bring this symptom on, and sufferers frequently turn to extremely long and hot showers in order to cope. We recommend giving Canna02 a shot the next time you smoke — let us know how our product soothes your digestive tract?

What symptom confirms that your weed hangover was the real deal? We’d love to let you know the best Canna02 strain to help you avoid trouble as you smoke in the future. Just comment below and we’ll chat out our product line for you.

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