Weed Delivery Services and The Canadian Legalization

Shopping for weed online and the delivery into your front door is a very popular practice in many states legalizing marijuana. It becoming very trendy in the USA as well as Canada. Vancouver is one of the most popular places for the marijuana users. Discussions started about more reasonable Canadian marijuana laws to be implemented to make cannabis more accessible and available. Overturning marijuana’s prohibition law won’t be easy but the marijuana advocates work hard to implement the changes and convince the lawmakers that the change is necessary and beneficial for the society.

The history of marijuana legalization in Canada is dated to the sad year of 1923 when Canadian Parliament forbid the marijuana and throw it into the illegality. That didn’t stop Canadian’s in usage and year by year the popularity of cannabis was growing until today’s days. Weed delivery became an underground and dangerous practice but was thriving even in the shadow of the law. The slow change came in 1972 when the society became more curious about the health benefits of medical marijuana and the community was calling for decriminalization.

In 31th of July 2000, the Ontario Court appeal and declared the marijuana prohibition unconstitutional. Despite this fact, there were no updates on marijuana laws and the lack of regulations created an uncertain environment between marijuana business owners and the consumers. Vancouver dispensaries like Weed Vancouver were the pioneers in the first business catering marijuana in Vancouver to their customers. The Vancouver weed shops become an inspiration for many US-based businesses after medical marijuana legalization took place in the State of Washington in 2014.

Legislation of legalizing recreational marijuana on the federal level has been introduced by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in April 2017. The official start of legalization was set for July 2018 but the timeline will not be held as promised. It could take an additional couple of months until the final vote. The bigger issue appears to be preparatory movement of the product to retailers. There is a large time gap between official law announcement and an actual time when it comes to an effect. Licensing, distribution, safety or taxation are namely only a few concerns the government have to figure out before blessing the industry and give a green light – ready to go. There is a lack of funding and willingness of authorities to prepare and deal with this whole new industry. We can just hope it won’t take any longer than a few months.

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