Waxmaid Dab Pen Review: All-in-One Waxmaid Honey Pen

As a dabber who loves portability and convenience, you always wish for the best way to smoke your concentrates without any baggage. Waxmaid listened to such wishes and requests, which is how the Honey Pen electric dab rig was born.

As the 420 celebration kicks in, this is one of the smoking devices you will want to have. It combines everything you need into a pen-shaped dab rig kit. What else is there?

This review will illuminate the dab pen that wants to define a better way to consume wax.

Waxmaid Honey Pen: A Closer Look

The Honey Pen is a pocket-sized powerhouse, perfect for dabbing on the go. Its simple, single-button operation makes it ideal for beginners, while its multiple temperature settings cater to experienced dabbers who like to fine-tune their experience.

Whether you prioritize flavor (lower temps) or big clouds (higher temps), this dab pen has the needed experience.

The secret to its performance lies in its upgraded atomizer. This atomizer, made with an ultra-thin quartz chip and three evenly spaced coils, heats up quickly and thoroughly vaporizes your concentrates.

You only need to wait 20 seconds after powering up for the dab pen to be ready for the sessions. A plus that will make you clap is the built-in wax jar (1g capacity) that eliminates the need to carry separate containers.

Honey Pen in Action: Performance You Can Rely On

The electric dab rig delivers smooth, flavorful hits thanks to its efficient atomizer. The multiple temperature settings allow you to dial in your preferred vaping experience. Convenience extends to the 2-in-1 flexible tip that acts as a mouthpiece and a dab tool.

So, once you open the wax jar at the bottom, use the mouthpiece to fetch the concentrates using the inserted dab tool. After that, close down at the top and return the wax jar to its rightful place.

Powering up requires only five quick clicks. After that, wait for the 20-second heat-up before taking your first hit.

The Heating Modes

Two main heating modes (manual and auto) provide flexibility for different dabbing styles. If you don’t know the right temperature for your concentrates, you can use the auto mode. It only requires a double click on the multipurpose button.

Suppose you prefer the manual method, press, and hold. The dab pen’s additional temperature settings are accessible via three quick clicks on the button.

The lowest temperature range is 450-550F, represented by a green light. The next one has a blue light, which dictates that you are in the 550-650F bracket. The highest temperature is between 650-750F, and it’s in action when you see a yellow light.

Battery Performance

On a full charge, you will enjoy dabbing using the electric dab rig for the subsequent 16 sessions. The 1000mAh battery ensures that the 510-thread connection to the atomizer removes the heat for burning the wax.

When the battery requires a recharge, there is a USB-C cable for the next 2-3 hours. Overall, it’s a dab pen that will offer you the dabbing service for as much as you need it. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

You need to note a few things regarding taking care of the Honey Pen. First, it’s electric, meaning it should never meet water while cleaning. You can, however, use warm water and soap to clean the mouthpiece/dab tool and the wax jar.

The package includes extra cotton swabs and atomizers. So, you can always change the inner components as the demand rises and use the swabs to clean. While in use, you need to check the warning signs on the button.

The dab pen turns red when the battery is below 30%. It flashes the red light 15 times when the battery is below 15% before shutting down. There is also overheating protection that happens when the red light flashes.

So, when the dabbing sessions are through the roof, and you see it flashing before powering off, it’s time to check on the device. First, disassemble and then reassemble it before trying it out.

There is a short circuit if you see four quick red light flashes. Just take the device apart, reassemble everything, and then power it up to see if it will work.

If it does not function, it’s time to request a replacement from Waxmaid.

Portability and Convenience: The Honey Pen Advantage

The dab pen’s biggest strength lies in its portability and user-friendly design. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag, perfect for discreet and convenient dabbing on the go.

The all-in-one design eliminates the need for separate tools and containers, streamlining your dabbing experience.

Pros and Cons of Using the Dab Pen


  • It’s small, compact and portable
  • It contains a wax jar
  • The 2-in-1 mouthpiece acts as a dab tool
  • Multiple heating and temperature modes
  • A variety of colors available


  • The wax jar only carries 1g of wax
  • It offers 16 sessions only

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The Waxmaid Honey Pen is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a portable and convenient way to enjoy their concentrates. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting, the Honey Pen’s user-friendly design, efficient performance, and all-in-one functionality make it a winner.

The ongoing 420 discount makes it an even more attractive proposition. So, it’s time to get one before the deal goes away as you prepare for the 420 festivities in advance.

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