Waxmaid 6.5” Ares Dab Rig Review


What’s up with the vaporizers? We can tell you for free that they are advancing in a bigger and better way. Those of us who are craving for a smooth hit, or something softer, then welcome the Waxmaid Ares Dab Rig.

It’s the vaporizer that may make you wonder if it’s worth it until you see the features and functionality. You don’t have to wait for it to heat since there is an instant heating mechanism. It’s also easy to carry, and it comes with a bag for all the accessories.

Let’s see what the Waxmaid has in store for the millennials.

Styling and Design

From the looks, you can say it’s plasticized, but you are wrong. It costs you more than $200 because there is zinc alloy making up the vaporizer. Waxmaid goes ahead to add a platinum-cured silicone mouthpiece which you can detach and clean easily.

The bottom part possesses a glass container for the water and the 37-hole glass percolator. There are a power button and a light indicator below with different colors to signify the temperature level. The lower part of the power button also has a USB port.

The 6.5-inch Ares Dab Rig has the perfect size you need to carry it anywhere. Whether you need it in the pocket or the designated bag, there will be no trouble taking it with you. The sturdy foundation on the make has more of a satin finishing.

It’s okay to replace the mouthpiece with the desired one as long as it has an 18mm diameter. All the Waxmaid nectar collectors possess the exact mouthpiece sizing. Like most modern vaporizers, all the parts are detachable here for cleaning and packing.


You will get the Ares Dab Rig as a complete electric set. It also has a dab tool and the coil-less quartz atomizer that assists in instant heating.  There is a wax carb cap and a rubber belt to hold the lid while opened at the top.

The silicone glass container goes to the bottom after filling it with water, but there is a honeycomb percolator to fit in before the container. More to the collection includes the charging cable and the user manual.

There are also cleaning accessories for you. They include a cleaning brush and Q-tips. Now, this is the part that gets everyone – the carrying PU bag. Apart from having an excellent honeycomb design on the cover, it’s also smell-proof.

That makes a great travel companion regardless of where you are. It has a double zipper despite the size for easy closing and opening. Unless someone is a Waxmaid fan, no one will ever know what you are carrying.

It has a fitting space for every part of the vaporizer, and that’s the beauty of it. There is a mesh pocket for the cleaning accessories, while the central part is meant for the rest. The handle is silicon-grooved for a comfortable grip and resistance to sweating and wear.

What makes it fun to have is that it’s a small bag with more to fit in, yet you can throw it in a bigger bag.


Now that you know what to expect during arrival, let’s see what you expect after joining the parts. Well, it’s easy to combine everything into a functional Waxmaid vaporizer. Just fill the bottom container with water and then fit in the honeycomb percolator on the upper unit’s inner part.

Fit in the container, the mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the carb cap with the belt. Powering it up requires you to hit the power button only. If you are out of power, there is a USB port and cable to juice up the Ares Dab Rig. Once it’s on, it’s ready to work.

You don’t need to wait for the 30 seconds of hitting (like some vaporizers we know.) The atomizer is connected to ultra-thin quartz, which has better heat conduction and less heat loss. If you compare this vaporizer with those having ceramic types, you’ll have a better result here.

There are two temperature control modes for the Waxmaid. The indicator below shows you both of them. With a few button hits, you get the green color showing the 475F level. If you want to go higher, it’s possible until you reach the 575F level, denoted by a yellow button.

If you are not using it, there is a power-saving mode, and that’s the auto-sleep function. So, you don’t need to worry about power loss if you are in cloud nine while the vaporizer is still on.

Power and Battery Life

You only need the standard micro-USB cable to power up the vaporizer. This type of connection is readily available, and Waxmaid includes it. In case you lose yours, it’s still not hard to find another one.

The auto-sleep function helps in saving power. Through direct heating technology, you can go for 60 sessions before the next recharge. When it’s out of charge, you only need two and a half hours to recharge it fully.

As far as battery power and life are concerned, you are well sorted here on charging and duration.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s easy to clean up using the numerous cleaning tool provided in the kit. There are also loading tools in the midst to keep the work clean and tidy. Do you need somewhere to store your ‘load?’ There is an octopus container that comes with the vaporizer for archiving.

Getting other cleaner mouthpieces is also okay, thanks to the fitting base compatible with other Waxmaid nectar collectors. Since the parts are detachable, it’s also easy to clean them individually and store them in the adorable PU bag.


If you go for the Waxmaid Ares Dab Rig, apart from getting a superb vaporizer, you will also get a 90 days warranty immediately after the purchase. Now, it’s time to introduce the vaporizer to your friends and show them the new way to hit and chill in town.

Remember to be safe and don’t overdo! 

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