Want To Start Dab Quickly? Here is a Guide For Your Help

Investing in modern dabs rig is a great idea to satisfy your cannabis needs. But, if you are a newbie, dabbing can be proven to be a daunting and dangerous task unless you have proper knowledge about how to dab. So, to make things easy for you, here we came with a guide defining everything about the dabbing experience.

What is dab rig?

Many newbies get confused between dab and bong. Remember, a dab rig is a dabbing device that is specifically designed to help in hash oil consumption. Therefore many people called it an oil rig too.

How To Use Your Dab Rig?

Before knowing more about how to use dabbing, let’s learn the basic parts of dabs. There is a small water pipe, a nail, a dome, a carb cap, a torch, and a dabber. Each of these parts is essential for the functioning of dabs. You can also explore on the internet to know about dabbing products and accessories.

The Right Oil Levels To Dab

When it’s about dabbing, you need to be aware of the right dabbing level. Because for dabbing, you will be going to use different cannabis extracts with different THC concentrate levels. As a beginner, you need to be careful about the right quantity. Initially, it is good to start with a low quantity. Once you develop a tolerance level, shift to the higher level easily. 

Be Intentional With How You Dab

If you are not aware of how to dab? Then wait and read these instructions to enjoy your first dabbing experience.

  • Water the chamber

This is the first step to start your dabbing. So, put some water in the dab rig and blow water downstream. If you feel excessive water coming into your mouth, pour it. But it is for a single chamber dab ring. For a more exciting experience, you can select a recycler dab rig that contains two chambers for recycling the water. It gives you a smoother hit and ensures you will get bubbles to blow water into the downstream.

2. Turn Your Torch-On

You must check whether the torch is pointing directly to the nail or not. If it is not, it will hit the flavor, and you have to sacrifice an unpleasant flavor.

3. Prepare your dab

It’s time to turn off the torch and put the glass dome on the nail. Give 10-15 seconds to the nail to cool down and make the surface not too hot. Remember, low-temperature dabbing is ideal to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. So, wait for some time and let the nail cool down to get the most advantage.

 4. .Take your dab

Now, it’s time to inhale your dab. You can inhale it slowly to leave no waste in the dabber. For better results, rotate the dabber tip and inhale through the mouthpiece. Keep in mind, when the concentrates melt, it;’s a time to inhale. Keep inhaling until there will be no more vapors in the chamber.

5. Exhale And Repeat

Dabbing is all about exhaling, so until you will get the best results from inhaling and exhaling, repeat the process for better results.

Hope the above guide helps you to start dabbing quickly. Keep in mind, always choose the best quality concentrates and the right type of dab for better results.

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