Waiting To Inhale – The Movie

      Popular comedian Shawty Shawty famed by his role played in Nick Canon’s “Wild n Out” MTV show stares again in next mouth-watering comedy movie sensation “ Waiting to Inhale. “


      Set in the state of Georgia, Waiting to Inhale is a comedy movie depicting a common real life story in a funny way in which marijuana is tipped to be legit for recreation motives besides the traditional health motives.  From the name we can discover day to day life traits; Patience and Hustle. In this light, optimistic about the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, a group of patient young hustlers set out on an adventure in search of the real deal- the marijuana that will take them to the highest heights of satisfaction; the type that will give them the desired “high». This is common in today’s world. Breaking the current law; patiently waiting for the new law.  During this hilarious hustle, they a faced with lots of hiccups. They deal with a lot of fake dealers selling them fake marijuana; they encounter the forces of law and order and have to find their escape. How funny.

      However, with a lot more to understand the situation of marijuana nowadays, this movie has a lot to offer than “just for fun”. It is true that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Put the other way round, “all play and no work still make Jack a dull boy”. Therefore, no matter how funny this highly anticipated movie is, there is an added perspective which makes it a “must watch”. Waiting to Inhale is also highly educative. Firstly, it gives us an insight as to what the current laws on marijuana and the penalties for going against the law. The police chasing down dealers strongly proves this point. Secondly, Viewers will be updated on recent development and changes in the laws of marijuana. Finally, it gives viewers knowledge on marijuana. Simply speaking, it will help viewers understand its nature and effects (pros and cons). Exclusively educative!!

      Such a hilarious, wonderful, educative and highly anticipated movie. No matter how sweet “Waiting to Inhale” sounds, no matter how much you have heard about this movie; such an ambitious project will never be realized without the necessary funding. Project budget is estimated at approximately $80,000. As of now, what has been raised so far amounts to $35,000 which leaves a remainder of a whopping $45,000. Without a fulfillment of the overall budget, the production of this movie will face with a serious setback. Costs such as hiring actors and a team of marketing experts for post-production will not be covered. Furthermore, pay compensations, legal fees and a host of other expenses will never be completed making the movie a total failure. The public is therefore invited to invest in this worthwhile project and make it a success.

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