Ultimate Guide to Growing Indoor Cannabis

Marijuana is no longer an illegal substance in many states as well as countries. A lot of people today use it legally for health and recreational purposes. Marketed cannabis, however, can be expensive and inconsistent in terms of quality, hence many users prefer to grow their own cannabis at home. Forget about store-bought cannabis, the best quality cannabis is that which you grow at home.


Indoor Vs Outdoor Cannabis

As far as growing cannabis at home is concerned, there is a choice of indoor and outdoor cannabis. Indoor cannabis offers the highest number of benefits. Some benefits include discretion, shorter grow time, ability to control all environmental aspects to produce a consistent high-quality herb, and ability to grow the herb throughout the year. It is also believed that indoor cannabis is the highest quality cannabis, which explains why it is always sold at much higher prices than outdoor cannabis.


How to Grow Weed Indoors

With a little knowledge, you can grow your own marijuana indoors for your own personal use. Apart from enjoying the best quality marijuana can offer, growing indoor marijuana will help you save a lot of money. Here is the ultimate guide to growing indoor cannabis. First, though, you need to pay attention to the following factors;


  • Air• Light• Moisture• A Growing Medium


Select Your Marijuana Grow Medium

Selecting the appropriate growth medium is the first advice we always give our readers when it comes to how to grow marijuana indoors. We have got soil and hydroponics. Each medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the advantages that you are looking for, you can select to grow your marijuana in either special hydroponic trays or in pots full of soil.


Designate Your Marijuana Grow Space

Begin by setting up a suitable space for growing your personal marijuana indoors. Space does not necessarily have to be the typical grow “room” like the ones you see in the movies. It can be in a cabinet, closet, spare room, or a corner in an unfinished basement, as long as you can tailor your equipment and plants to fit the space.


Setup Your Marijuana Grow Lights

The quality of your herbs will largely depend on the quality of light in your grow room. Poor quality lighting setup will result in poor quality yields. There are several lighting choices on the market, including high-intensity density (HID) grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, LED grow lights, and induction grow lights. It is therefore imperative that you select the best lighting setup you can afford. HID grow lights are the best choice so far.


Provide Air Circulation to Your Plants

Just like other plants, marijuana requires fresh air to thrive, with CO2 for the process of photosynthesis. In order to grow fresh, quality marijuana, you will, therefore, need to supply your plants with a steady stream of air, flowing through the room. You can effortlessly achieve this by means of an exhaust fan placed near the top of the room to expel the warmer air, and a filtered air inlet on the opposite side near the floor to bring in the fresh air.

If you are a beginner that doesn’t know where to start, simply follow these easy steps to grow quality marijuana indoors. First, select your marijuana to grow medium, and then designate your cannabis to grow space with proper air circulation and lighting. Finally, plant your marijuana seeds and let them grow.

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