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If you enjoy gardening you may understand and utilize hydroponic growing. Hydroponics is a type of hydroculture. It allows you to grow a plant that is not in soil. It utilizes a mineral nutrient solution. This type of gardening has become more and more popular and that is why the experts at are excited to share the top tips for hydroponics growing. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Hydroponic is a different type of nutrient than traditional nutrients for growing a plant. Most plants are looking for soil nutrients however, these don’t have the micro-elements that research has found a plant actually wants. The micro-elements are actually already in the soil. And a lot of them! It’s important to have these nutrients when hydroponic growing.

You may be used to watering your plants and garden at a specific time and you know it will work that way. With a hydroponic system, you will actually water is a little differently. With that said, there is no real answer to it. You should be watering it enough to wet the roots, but don’t overwater them. It will also differ depending on the system they are growing in and how that specifically was built. The amount of water the plants need should also take into consideration the temperature it is out, what kind of plants you are growing, the system you have, and many more. There really are so many variables that are linked to this question. The short answer is, don’t think about it too much. Like we said before, just get the roots wet and they should stay very healthy.

When it comes to the quality of water, this is another great tip to know. Good quality water that is filtered is very important to use when hydroponics growing. It should be used right from the beginning. It will make a huge difference to the plants you are growing. Regular water that even you drink can have a lot of issues when it comes to the health of your plants. Even filtered water is not the absolute best for growing. Although every plant is different, it is still important to be on the safe side when it comes to watering your plants.

On the same topic, the temperature of the water can greatly affect your plants. Although it’s not good for them to be too cold, it’s also not good for them to be too warm. If it is very cold, we recommend using a heater to assist them. Make sure that it is not in any way in contact with the plastic. This could result in a hole. It’s also important to remember to keep it immersed constantly. If this does not happen, the result could be broken glass.

Now we are going to share some quick tips that will assist in your hydroponics growing.

The first is to the pH levels are correct. You are able to find this information online. This will help to ensure your plants are receiving the right and total nutrients that they need and none of the nutrients is not being able to get in. Secondly, when the plants are supposed to be having a dark time, make sure that they do not see any light. If they still are, we recommend putting something up so that it is completely black. Next, if you have any lights that are loose or broken, make sure that they are replaced right away. If you do not, this will greatly affect the plant. In order to assist the plants to breathe, it’s important to add CO2. Make sure that the nutrients are also kept in a place that will help them. A dark place that has not much sunlight is a great location.

Here are some quick things that you may not know about hydroponics:

  • Hydroponics is more than what you may think. Where the roots grow is so important for a plant. This is what hydroponics growing specializes in and what makes it different.
  • You may have heard that hydroponics are for only growing pot. This is not the case. Although they can be, hydroponics growing has shown to be so beneficial for many plants. The investor of hydroponics, Puri, stated that that was not even his intention when he created it.
  • Did you know that you direct how much flavor is in the product you are growing as well as the nutrition levels? The inventor of hydroponics said that you can actually control the sweetness of things like lettuce when you grow this way. You can even change nutrition levels in something like calcium when you are growing. That is an amazing accomplishment and can be very healthy for your body if you know exactly what you are needing!
  • Most gardening only allows you to grow foods during specific times of the year. When you go to the grocery store you probably notice the food that is in season and wants to utilize those foods for their freshness. When you use hydroponics growing, there is no in-season time. Things like salad greens are able to be grown all year. The same is true for many vegetables and fruits.
  • Hydroponic plants actually grow up to 30% faster than typical plants. This is because they have the exact nutrients they need in order to make them sprout.
  • The final fact that we want to share with you about hydroponic growing is that you may not even realize you are already eating foods grown this way. Some areas of countries have already brought and are utilizing this way to grow food into their stores and restaurants.

Now you understand a little bit more about hydroponics growing as well as some tips to ensure your plants stay healthy and growing strong. For more information and tips, contact us today!

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