The Top Strains, Everybody Should Know About

The marijuana business is growing rapidly. The more players entering the “game” the more difficult it is to divide the quality from the quantity. The competition is good for the customer but the customer has to be well informed. Here we will look at some marijuana strains and explain what to look for when shopping for the quality. We will briefly explain the difference between Sativa, Indica and the Hybrid strains.


Indica is well known for its calming effect. The content is higher on CBD, leaves are wider and much closer. When buying Indica buds, you have to look for density and how compact the bud is. Helping with insomnia, and pain relief, this strain is very popular for medical use. Relaxation effect for the body can be beneficial for the athletes as well as after a hard work day.

Sativa is motivating and kick on the type of strain. The leaves are more thin and straight. A Higher level of THC is what makes it so great for recreational usage. Great level of creativity and philosophical thinking can be experienced while smoking a good quality stuff. In the medical field, mainly depression can be treated by Sativa.

The hybrids are the higher level of science in marijuana growing field. The perfect ratio of combination Indica vs Sativa is the key to getting a relaxing and energizing effect. There is a countless strain available and often a good friend or a skilled “budtender” can be helpful for an introduction to this mysterious world.

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