Top Four Safe Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has long been used as a natural therapy for a number of health conditions. With several US states having legalized its medicinal use, it has become easier to source high-quality cannabis products if you have a valid medical prescription.

There are a number of different ways you can use medical cannabis to treat a condition or to alleviate symptoms of a chronic illness. The following four are considered the safest.

Marijuana edibles

Eating or drinking a cannabis product is one of the most convenient ways to use medical marijuana; however, you must ingestion will have a delayed effect as compared to inhalation. Moreover, edible marijuana is processed differently by your body and your digestive system, which may alter its healing effects.

Edible marijuana is available in the form of pills, oil, teas, cookies, crackers, chocolate, juices, candy, ice cream, smoothies, gummy bears and more. As edible products are easy to pop, overconsumption is always a risk. The key is to consume small quantities of edible cannabis and then wait for the effects to set in before taking your next dose.

Sublingual tinctures or sprays

Marijuana is available in the form of concentrated tinctures or sprays made with alcohol or oil as base. These are quite easy to consume as you simply need to spray the liquid under your tongue and wait for the effect to set in. Repeat the dosage after some time until you feel relief.

The greatest advantage of tinctures is that they have a mild taste, don’t harm the respiratory organs as inhaling does, and work faster than most edibles. That said, tinctures can be expensive and may not be suitable for people who require a high dosage every day.


If you prefer inhaling, vaping is the safest way to do it. With vaping, you don’t inhale toxic smoke and don’t smell of marijuana afterwards, but would still feel the instant effect associated with smoking marijuana the traditional way.

A vaporizer delivers cannabis into the body by heating and vaporizing cannabinoid oils. The only disadvantage with vaping is that good vaporizers don’t come cheap and battery-powered ones will need regular charging.

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Medical cannabis is also available in the form of lotions, sprays and ointments that can be applied directly onto the skin for alleviating joint pain, skin breakouts, eczema rashes, sunburn and other minor burns, swollen or sore muscles, and more.

Topical cannabis products are great for instant local relief, and an added advantage is that they don’t give you the high associated with typical cannabis consumption, which makes them safe for children and senior adults.

The above four ways of using medical cannabis are indeed safer than smoking, which can severely damage the respiratory organs over long-term use.

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