Top 3 Predictions That Will Determine The Future of Cannabis

It’s legal, and yet it’s not legal. The confusion around cannabis is an ever-growing topic that’s not slowing down anytime soon. Back when it all started, the DEA demonized it as a gateway drug. Now that it’s a taxable commodity, everyone around is so positive about “Mary Jane.”

If you go by predictions, industry leaders expect the sale to get past $35 billion by 2025. Besides this, within a similar time frame, the actual economic impact could be around $125 billion. And with marijuana completely legal in 15 states (including DC) and somewhat legal in other three states, the future of this green wave looks promising. So, what can you expect in the coming five years? Let’s find out right now!

It Won’t be About Getting Stoned Alone

There is an ongoing misconception to date that people wish to consume cannabis to experience the famous “high.” Contrary to that, today’s consumers are more into experiences than getting into a “couch-locked” state.

It’s like not everyone drinks to get drunk. Similarly, not everyone consumes this herb to experience euphoria. Instead, it will be more about micro-dosing now. It’s because this setting allows people to avoid anxiety or stress in places where they need to be calm, such as airports, clinics, and similar areas.

Microdosed products will see significant hype. For instance, experts believe that people would prefer a mild dose of THC who are yet to try this herb.

It Won’t be About Indica or Sativa Alone

Since many people have finally understood the importance of medical marijuana, even researchers are showing special interest in decoding more about this herb. This is why the older classification might soon see a contradiction.

Experts believe that the scientifically supported system would replace this classification. It would be more like evidence-based effects will take precedence over cannabis components.

Although it will still take a bit of time, so it’s ideal to use the same classification for now to buy your favorite product and accessories. This is because all the cannabis dispensaries that you find at Here’s Weed use the same category to help consumers find their suitable products.

The Stigma Around Cannabis Will Disappear

If there was one thing good about 2020, it was the progress that the cannabis industry saw in the country. Consumers are now even more open-minded and are taking necessary measures to de-stigmatize this plant.

Experts believe that cannabis will soon enter the mainstream as part of most Americans’ health and wellness lifestyle. So, you can expect a tremendous shift in the strategies and practices in this space.

Final Takeaways

With ongoing research and continued testing, cannabis brands are trying to identify the gaps and develop specific formulations for precise consumer response. Industry experts believe that brands will leverage cannabis compounds combined with other nutrients and present it as a “wellness product” for increased consumer acceptance.

In short, a lot more is going to happen in this space. So, watch out for the trends to explore this arena more. Now, tell us what intrigues you more, cannabis concentrates or cannabis beverages?

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