The Times They Are A Changin’: Recreational Marijuana Delivery Portland, Oregon

Back in 1963 Bob Dylan wrote and sang a song titled “The Times They Are A Changin’”. Dylan admitted writing the song in a conscious effort to create an anthem of change for the time, often identified by the civil rights movement and the close relationship it had with folk music. Since its release in 1964, the song has created a lasting message of change, influencing people’s views on society. This timeless song’s lyrics hold true today just as much as they did over 50 years ago. We’ve seen some incredible changes in American society over these last few years. One very notable and exciting change we’ve seen is the rise of states legalizing recreational marijuana. As of today, there are 8 states that have fully legalized recreational marijuana and many more appear prepared to follow this growing trend. The states that have legalized marijuana as of 2017 include Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

As exciting as these changes are for so many Americans, we still have a long ways to go before we see federal laws passed for legal recreational marijuana use. Nonetheless, some states are seeing so much success with these newly adopted laws they are starting to loosen their grip even more by offering marijuana related companies even more freedom in how they do business. One such state is Oregon, who generated nearly $15 million in tax revenue from cannabis sales in its first year of legalization. Oregon hopes to continue increasing that tax revenue (And why wouldn’t they?) by allowing dispensaries to start offering marijuana delivery services.

Diem Cannabis Dispensary is based out of Salem, Oregon but they will be one of the first services for Marijuana delivery Portland Oregon residents will have the luxury of taking advantage of. They will also offer marijuana delivery services in Salem as well, but Portland is a larger market and is desperately in need of luxury cannabis services such as this. Diem has just recently launched their Salem cannabis dispensary, but according to the owners, the delivery service will also be accompanied by a full service online dispensary, offering virtual sales from the convenience of your home.

Marijuana dispensary Salem Oregon

Like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a changin’, and they are certainly changing for the better. Now are the times in which you can pack your living room full of your best friends, order a pizza, order a couple pre-rolled joints, and sit back and watch a movie while your tasty treats are delivered straight to your doorstep. This was every cannabis connoisseur’s teenage dream, and all of a sudden it has become a reality. Diem isn’t like every other marijuana dispensary Salem Oregon has to offer, they are completely redefining what it means to be dispensary in the state of Oregon. No longer can you simply run a little popup shop with a few different strands of weed. In these constantly evolving times, where technology has opened a revolving door to luxury and convenience, the cannabis industry requires innovators who are keen to Bob Dylan’s vision of change and bring new ideas and revolutionary services that will inevitably change the times once again. Diem has followed through on providing the cannabis industry these innovations and they are making it known in the Oregon community with their motto “cannabis is for everyone”. With a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and incredible products ranging from flower, concentrates, edibles, and even topicals, you can rest assured you can now find whatever cannabis related product you desire and have it delivered to your doorstep without ever leaving your house.

Diem Cannabis Dispensary Salem
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1040 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302

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