The Yocan Evolve Plus: The Wax Pen Workhorse

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a wax pen vaporizer that was made to be more than just a daily driver, it’s a wax pen vaporizer that emphasizes both efficiency as well as affordability. While most wax pen vaporizers on the market at this price point suffer from being labeled as cheap-quality vaporizers, the Evolve Plus looks to change the common misconception amongst low-cost wax pen units. While it sports an affordable price tag, the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer uses high-quality material. It’s packed with features you’d find in most top-shelf vaporizers twice its price, features like a powerful 1100mAh battery, a built-in wax jar, a larger concentrate chamber, and a dual quartz wax atomizer, the Yocan Evolve Plus can compete with other top-tier wax pen vaporizers in terms of performance and functionality without breaking the bank.

The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer is an improvement upon the Yocan Evolve, a staple name in the wax pen vaporizer industry and one of the go-to wax pen vaporizers for most wax concentrate consumers. The original Evolve uses a 650mAh battery and sports a slim and sleek build while the Evolve Plus has a thicker and bulkier body. This is so that the Evolve Plus could house a larger battery, a bigger concentrate chamber and so much more. I’ve been told that the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer is the ultimate daily driver and I’m’ here to put this famed vaporizer to the test. In this review, we’ll see just how much of a workhorse the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer is, I’m here to find out if the Yocan Evolve Plus really is the best for daily dabbers and if it truly is the best wax pen vaporizer for your money. Read on below and find out more.

Yocan — A Brief Background

Yocan is a company based in Shenzhen, China. Known for manufacturing affordable vaporizers, Yocan has been in the forefront of portable pen-style vaping innovation. With several patents for vaporizer tech, Yocan has only proved that they’re serious in making vaporizers. The vaporizers manufactured in their factories undergo strict quality control process from start to finish. From the selection of materials to the time the vaporizers reach the boxes before they’re shipped, Yocan vaporizers are meticulously inspected and are constantly checked for any defect — if there are any — to ensure overall quality.

While most vaporizers coming from that side of the planet are commonly seen as clones or cheap vaporizer knock-offs, Yocan aims to change the common misinterpretation that low-priced vaporizers are second-rate, substandard vaporizers. Vaporizers from Yocan are CE, RoHS, and FCC certified which marks the quality of their product. Well, we’re about to find out.

The Unboxing

The Yocan Evolve wax pen vaporizer comes in a decent box — plastic sealed of course — the online seller where I got my Yocan Evolve Plus from (and normally where I get all my vaporizers) ships vaporizers in a discreet packaging with bubble wraps so the vaporizers won’t get damaged in transit though I can see that Yocan packages their vaporizers with all this in mind. With that said the Yocan Evolve Plus’ box holds the vaporizers pieces snugly in place. The box slides perpendicularly and instantly show its content which includes the following.

  • 1 x Yocan Evolve Plus
  • 1 x Evolve Plus 1100mAh Battery
  • 1 x Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Wax Dab Tool

The box and how the content is laid out is pretty straightforward, there are no extra compartments underneath, everything can be found conveniently in place. It’s acceptable but I sort of find it too simple.

How It Works

The Yocan Evolve Plus wax vaporizer works pretty much like any pen-style vaporizer. Tapping the power button 5 times turns it on and pressing it 5 times while it’s on powers it off. The Yocan Evolve Plus uses threaded connections so you have to unscrew the mouthpiece to remove it which will eventually expose the atomizer where you will have to place your wax concentrates.

True to their word and as advertised, the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer sports a larger wax chamber which is perfect for people who like to take huge dabs. Furthermore, having a larger chamber means you can load more materials for longer vaping sessions without needing frequent reloads. If you’re someone who likes to vape on-the-go, you’d appreciate the Yocan Evolve Plus’ larger chamber, larger battery, and built-in concentrate jar.

For the amount, I paid for I got a vaporizer that can take a substantial amount of wax in a single load, a battery that lasts me more than the average vape pen, and a small, discreet container for some extra concentrates, something your typical gas station vaporizer can’t offer.

Overall Experience

I took the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer out for a day of vaping. As a frequent user, I usually get around 3 to 4 hours of vaping in a single charge. With the Yocan Evolve Plus, I was able to squeeze out a decent 5 to 6 hours of vaping with fewer reloads in between sessions. I find that its 15-second automatic shutoff feature not only conserves battery life but it also saves me from accidental misfires should I decide to keep my vaporizer in my pockets.

For its price, the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer does a good job of vaporizing wax concentrates. With twice the quartz coils, the Yocan Evolve Plus can easily vaporize even the thickest concentrates easily with fuller flavors and a decent amount of cloud density.

I’d easily recommend this wax pen vaporizer even to beginners and novice users since the Yocan Evolve Plus requires little to no learning curve at all. There are a lot of things to love about the Yocan Evolve Plus vaporizer apart from the aforementioned features and I’d say that this wax pen vaporizer is hands down brings you the best value for your money. There isn’t much to say about the Yocan Evolve Plus, yes probably a rudimentary vape device — surely not the flashiest — but it does the job, and it does it very well. I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

Overall Rating — ★★★★☆ Not Bad At All!!

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