The X Max V2 Pro Vaporizer

Vaporizers are all over with so many brand names and so many different shapes or sizes. Some vaporizer herbs, some concentrates and some oils. However, what if you want to vape all 3 with one vape pen, without the need to carry around several chambers with you. That is what the new 2017 X Max V2 Pro is for! Rated one of the best portable vaporizers under $200 and its only $99.95.

The X Max V2 Pro, measuring at 6.5” by .75” is more efficient than many other vaporizers and this is due to the airflow from the herbs to your mouth. It’s close enough to give you a perfect flow, without clogging but enough air to cool it down by the time the vapor gets to your throat. The older version only had 4 holes in one screen the new 2017 version comes with a new mesh screen which adds to the improvement of air flow. This triple use vape pen comes with an 18650 2200mAH battery which not many do. This means the battery is more durable to last longer between charges, allowing you to make it portable without worrying of recharging it. In the case you do run out of charge when you’re out, unlike many other vapes, the X Max V2 Pro comes with a removable battery so you can change it to a fully charged battery if needed too.

When you want to use it with wax or concentrates, you can use the steel mesh screen it comes with. Simply put it in the chamber, change the temperature on the vaporizer to the highest. The X Max V2 Pro comes with 5 temperature control settings that starts from 356°F to 374°F to 392°F to 410°F to 428°F. Keep in mind that keeping the temperature at the highest one is going to cause it drain battery faster. This is because it is using more power.

Overall maintenance on it is very easy. It even comes with a brush tool to scrub it out. Do this consistently or else you will get a residual buildup of gunk. The longer you wait in between cleaning the chamber, the longer and harder the gunk will get. You can also try using a q-tip that’s lightly soaked into isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning around it first and then use the brush. Always make sure not to soak it too much because it can run down into the vaporizer.

To use the X Max V2 Pro, simply turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times quickly. Before you do this, you will want to make sure your herbs are ground up pretty nice. Not too find where it turns into powder but enough where it heats it nicely though out. You will know the vapes on when all 5 LED lights turn on. You can control changing the temperature by clicking the button 3 times. Set it to your desired temperature and load your herbs in. Wait about 30 seconds and take a nice slow draw in. A good feature that is included on this is the ability of having it automatically turn off after 5 minutes of dormant use.

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