The pros and cons of vaping without nicotine

Vaping has taken the world by storm and if you haven’t tried it yourself you have definitely seen others participating in the craze. There are many different regulations and thoughts about the practice throughout the world regarding the use of the devices as well as them having nicotine in the vapour. E-cigs work by having the battery provide power to a heater that turns a liquid into a vapour. The vapour is then inhaled by the user through the mouth piece. The vape juice can come in many different flavours as well as the most talked about topic, with or without nicotine.

Many people believe that they are a substitute for smoking that can help them quit. However there is a lack of evidence and research that would actually prove this right so of right now you can’t believe any claims. There are several pros and cons around vaping without nicotine so we have compiled some into a list for your convenience.

Pro: you can still enjoy e-juice flavours

A big reason why people love vaping is all the different e-liquid flavours that they can try out. The market for e-juice flavours is endless with so many options you’re sure to find something that is right up your alley.

There are a group of people in the vape community referred to as flavour chasers that love to try out all of the flavours and are doing it for the flavour rather than the throat hit. Flavour chasers tend to prefer the nicotine free e-juice as most of them are only doing it for the flavour rather than the throat hit. This means that anyone can enjoy the different flavours with or without the added throat hit to the liquids. Additionally the alternate variants of the e-juice has a stronger flavour component as it hasn’t been diluted by other chemicals

Con: you may vape more

When people are using e-juices with nicotine they are generally doing it for that throat hit and will only take a couple of drags before they are satisfied. Due to this they will be using it less and won’t go through their e-juice as quickly.

Vapers that choose to not use nicotine aren’t chasing that fix; they’re doing it for the flavour and will go at it until their heart is content. As there is no craving telling you you’re satisfied people that use the more flavour intensive e-liquids will keep going until their heart is content.

Pro: learn to do tricks easier

Doing tricks with a vape pen takes a lot of time and practice which means a lot more drags. People say that it is harder to learn how to do tricks with nicotine based e-juices as you are required to take more breaths and breaks in between practicing. Because of this fact many people who are learning to blow those massive O-rings tend to use other variants of e-juice instead.

Con: it won’t give you a throat hit that you’re chasing

Throat hit refers to the feeling that you get at the back of your throat when you take a drag of a nicotine based product. If you have tried nicotine based products before, you will notice that you don’t get that same sensation with the flavour intensive e-juices. While there are some out there that do provide throat hits, they can be hard to find and match to the exact feeling that you are after. There are hundreds if not thousands of flavours and brands out there and finding that perfect one may be a mission.

In comparison a lot of users say that it is underwhelming and would prefer to go back to tobacco products.

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