The best medical marijuana inhaling accessories

Medical marijuana is now legal in over 35 states. This psychoactive plant shows a lot of promise in helping treat ailments such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and even cancer-related pain. Cannabinoids in weed have the potential to help reduce pain. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical component in weed that provides most of the psychoactive effects after smoking weed. This is also responsible for relieving stress and anxiety in the user. Weed is now being actively prescribed to patients to even deal with side effects of the primary treatment options, such as loss of appetite and inability to sleep. Here are a few of the best vaping accessories for medicinal purposes.

OTTO Grinder

Grinders all over the world can not compete with this unique machine by banana bros. OTTO grinder is a lovely device that can roll a joint for you in under a minute. For the days where your anxiety is intense, and you need a joint but cannot roll up, this machine will change your life forever. This battery-powered device can pack almost 30 cones per full charge. It has a smart milling machine that can automatically fill cones. And has a single button control. If you even have a hard time rolling, this machine is perfect for you. It grinds the joint and fills it up in a cone by adjusting pressure and rotation in accordance with the consistency of the dry herb.

Grindhouse shift 3-in-1 vaporizer

This vaporizer is a palm-sized powerhouse used for wax, thick oils, and even dry herb! This is a boon in disguise for people who use weed for medicinal purposes since there is no tobacco involved, and the process is super easy. This device is only a little bit over 3” tall and is super easy to pack and carry around with you on the go.

Boasting features such as a large heating chamber, quick-charging battery, and a temperature ranging from 330-430 degrees, grindhouse shift is the new and revolutionary technology for smoking marijuana. It also has a safety shut-off feature so that your herb does not get too hot and even an easy push button. It comes with all accessories needed, a dab tool, cleaning brush, USB charger, and instruction manual.

Mini rig

The mini rig is an amazing rig that is super convenient for dabs. It is made of premium quality glass and has the ability to purify the concentrate vapor as well. This is quite a cool smoking accessory that was made by MJ Arsenal (usually known for their mini rollie bubblers). The mini rig is not that different from a normal dab rig, except for the fact that it is much smaller and easier to take around than other dab rigs. A lot of people who have anxiety prefer to smoke dab over dry herbs. This is super convenient for on-the-go people who prefer dab instead of herb, and this mini rig can deliver smoke much faster than a regular sized-rig.

Medical marijuana has only started spreading its roots. Slowly but surely, it will be used for treating more ailments and issues than it is doing now. It is important to have the best smoking accessories available to you to enjoy the full benefits of this plant.

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