The Art of Growing Cannabis

     I use the word Art because while almost anyone can grow marijuana, it takes a certain knack, love, appreciation & determination to improve your growing skills time after time with something that is different (improved) every time you grow (any strain).

The plant itself is “living” Art (IMO)

      Like many things that come from Nature, besides it’s physical beauty,
Cannabis is an absolutely MIRACULOUS plant for humans in so many ways.
(You can read some of those FACTS here)

      Once you have overcome the 75 years of LIES from our Governments and Medical Professionals and discover the truth about this God given plant, only then can you Master the Art of Growing Cannabis (Karma included no extra charge)

      In that vein, we created, because it is NOT legal everywhere, and finding good information,  education and trusted resources for this Industry in one place was the Goal. We even keep a blacklist of where NOT to buy and tips for ordering marijuana seeds safely online.

      We have been online 10 years now and we are still growing. If you are interested in learning to grow marijuana indoors in soil or need a great 420 Merchant, then we are here for you. Everyone has to start somewhere… You can learn to grow marijuana for FREE at – For many, even growing this fine plant can be extremely therapeutic.

      Senior Citizens can seriously reduce their pharmaceutical dependencies, and Veterans are also huge benefactors of cannabis as it treats symptoms of PTSD with excellent results without nasty side effects.

      Considering a CAREER in the Cannabis Industry? Then I recommend you learn how to grow marijuana even if your final job is NOT tending the actual plants!

We think everyone should grow some of their own food and certainly their own natural medicines.

Are YOU ready to start your first grow? Click here and visit my website for more information!

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