Tagua Smoking Pipes

A cigar pipe is also known as a smoking pipe is a device with which people smoke tobacco. Most of the pipes are wooden made. They contain a small bowl and a thin stem. The small bowl is used for the combustion of the tobacco. The thin stem is known as shank that ends in a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece, as the name suggests, is used to draw smoke from the smoker’s mouth.

The history of smoking pipes is dated back to ancient times. Inhaling burning leaves have been found in some Native American cultures as a part of many ceremonials long time before Europeans arrived at the land. The main wave of tobacco and smoking pipes was introduced in the 16th century and spread around the world rapidly. Smoking pipes are elegant forms of enjoying the inhalation of tobacco, marijuana or any favorite substance. Many pipes are highly collectible and a great investment for many pipes enthusiasts.

 Tagua is an eco-friendly sustainable material for which ivory looking pipes are made. Ecuadorian Hands is a company that produces beautiful Eco Ivory Tagua Smoking Pipes are available.

Tagua’s Latin name, Phytelephas Aequatorialis, or plant ivory, is grown in the tropical and humid mountains of Ecuador. Tagua looks and feels remarkably similar to animal ivory. It is both durable, easy to carve and has similar porosity to animal ivory. The best thing about Tagua, is no animal are killed to obtain their ivory. Ecuadorian Hands practices smart and sustainable methods to harvesting the palms, by using reforestation procedures and fair trade policies. Always pay a fair price and treating workers well.

Smoking a pipe requires a bit of skill and technique. Matches or lighter and pipe cleaner are some of the necessary tools for successful operation of the smoking pipe. Tobacco or marijuana are available for smokers to blend their own flavor and strength from different marijuana strains. The most common method of packing the pipe is to add several batches of tobacco or marijuana to the bowl and each batch to press down until the mixture has required density which optimize the airflow when smoking.

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