Stoned Sweets 6 & Out w/ Founder Kirk Jordan

Q:What makes Stoned Sweets Unique?

A:Stoned Sweets candies are unique in many different ways. First off they gluten free and vegan which means there are no animal or bi-products as ingredients. Secondly, they taste so good because we source the eight purest ingredients for our recipe, Lastly the work and work really well.


Q:Why should someone buy your product over so many other choices?

A:Someone would buy one of our gummies if they were somewhat health conscious, I know they are made of sugar but there isn’t anything else in them really, and wanted something that tastes great and works even better.

Q:Is there anything about the evolution of the cannabis industry that you
didn’t expect?

A:Within the evolution of the cannabis industry I did not see, that older generation aside from a small group of deadheads or the love generation using as much cannabis as they do.

Q:Do you feel the state and local governments have done a good job, have
handled this industry well?

A: I believe that the Hemp industry is regulated fairly. We don’t deal with cops like the MED or local police just the agricultural department. I am not saying that they are by any means more lenient but they don’t carry guns so its easier to work with them and they are nicer people in general. I also feel that the FDA needs to find a way to work with existing companies rather than trying to take over.
Q:Do you think or do you worry that the industry moved too fast, that things
came together too quickly in Colorado?

A:I think everything happens for a reason. If you look at all the other states they are all trying to get regulation in the place like ours. Yes, there were certain things that leave out commerce like the regulations prohibiting things like high times and other events where people come together and are able to see and try all the products available on the market. That is the only thing I wish wasn’t overseen. We are missing out on an entertainment industry within our industry. Other than that I think that we are doing alright as a model state.











Q:Where can people find Stoned Sweets online/social media?

ig: @stonedsweets

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