Sour Lifesaverz by Glo Extracts Product Review

Sour Lifesaverz

Sour lifesavers by Glo Extracts is a great cartridge because of its stellar familiar taste and the feeling that you get from using this product.  By creating a product with a flavor that everyone knows, Glo Extracts uses the element of familiarity to help people navigate their products and know what they might like.  With great taste and an excellent customer service model, Glo Extracts is leading the industry in the diversification of products.  Not only that, but Glo is helping out the community by promoting ethical verification practices.

The packaging that Glo Extracts uses for their products is always a treat to get your hands on.  First impressions are everything, and Glo definitely nails that.   

Glo Product Review

The Package

The packaging is extremely important to Glo Extracts, and they have made that extremely evident with their promotions and their verification process.  The first thing that you will notice about the packaging is how dense it is and how secure the product is in the case.  The next thing that you will notice is the eye-catching design and all of the unique features that you will see. 

The most important thing that you will notice is the Glotrack QR code on the packaging.  The Glotrack QR code is scannable and takes you to the Glo Extracts website where you can see lab results for your cartridge as well as all of the other products on the site. 

There are also mood boards that you can check out which can influence your purchasing decisions.  The mood boards will show you reported effects of how people feel after using that specific cartridge.     

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The flavor of Sour Lifesaverz from Glo Extracts tastes like a sour gummy and gives you the feeling of never wanting to stop using it.  Glo Extracts has been leading the community with verification methods to keep customers safe!

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