So you want to buy the best cannabis seeds online?

So you want to buy the best cannabis seeds online? Well if you are looking for outdoor seeds you better know what strains suit your growing climate.

Best Outdoor Seeds

Let’s start with some of the best outdoor cannabis seeds for you. What do you want in a seed strain? A massive large yielding plant that takes the better part of a year to grow, or quick flowering dank buds?

First things first. You gotta know your sativas from your indicas and hybrids. Then you should know about the differences between regular and feminized seeds. *autoflowering (c. ruderalis) strains not covered in this article

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains


Cannabis sativa strains grow large and quick. These plants take on a taller stature than their hybrid and indica cousins, and require more space to be grown.

Most of the biggest and highest yielding outdoor seeds are heavily sativa. When you account for the massive multi-pound plants that are being grown now on the United State’s West Coast, you will find that sativa genetics help give these beastly plants the large-scale growing capacity that they have.

Sativa seeds when grown result in high-THC flowers, or buds, that offer the stoner an energetic and productive high. Perfect for daytime smokers, the best sativa strains give a clearheaded non-drowsy effect that borders into psychedelia.

The catch is, that sativa seeds will take a longer time to grow than other varieties. For growers living in a warm moderate climate, this is not a problem. But for people in the north who have a frigid winter, growing sativa seeds can pose quite a challenge.

Here’s a list of some of the best sativa seed strains.


Cannabis indica seeds are characterized by their shorter stature, thicker stems and foliage, and almost cartoon-ish “dank” appearance. If you have ever seen the kind of bud that is super-dense, sticky and heavy, it’s most likely indica or indica dominant cannabis.

Indica seeds will typically grow quicker than their sativa counterparts. Great for growers in temperate northern climates, indica strains have evolved in similar circumstances from the mountains of Afghanistan and Indica. One example of this is the legendary “Afghani” seed strain that built the foundation of many popular weed strains today.

For medicinal marijuana users, indica seeds are the preferred option to grow. This is because of their high CBD content. Expect a relaxing, sedative like effect that may land you red-eyed stoned on the couch with a case of the munchies.


The vast majority of cannabis seeds today, of which there are thousands of varieties, are mostly hybrids. Hybrids are created by cross-breeding both sativa and indica strains. What results from the process are hybrid seeds, retaining traits from both of their parents.

Popular seed strains such as Skunk, OG Kush, Purple Kush, and Blueberry are just a few example of hybrid seeds that can be ordered online or found locally.

The advantages of hybrid seeds are truly a best-of-both worlds for cultivators. Hybrid seeds allow for the large stature of sativa strains, combined with the heavy dank bud structure of indica strains. The only drawback is that sometimes weak hybrids are created that are susceptible to grey and blue mold, mildew, spider mites and other plant diseases.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are how the plant reproduces itself in nature. Cannabis is a annual flower that has seperate male and female plants. When regular seeds are sprouted, you may get either a pollenating male plant, or a budding female plant.

Many marijuana growers prefer regular seeds, especially those who appreciate keeping the genetic line of cannabis safe and pure. Regular seeds have no tricks or special practices to create. Simply let a male and female plant complete their growth cycle next to each other and you will most likely get a crop of regular seeds.

Some of the best seeds online are available as regular seeds, such as the whole Grand Daddy Purp line of genetics. Although not as popular as feminized seeds, regular seeds are treasured by breeders and other cannabis grow aficionados.

Feminized Seeds

Imagine only sprouting the budding females that you desire. For growers on a strict plant limit, chances of male plants sprouting sometimes cannot be taken. Feminized seeds produce virtually 99.9% female plants when grown, thus making these seeds very very popular.

Feminized seeds are produced by various methods of stressing female plants in order to produce pollen in the same way a male plant would. As by the law of genetics, a female breeding with a female produces offspring with only the X chromosome. This means all female plants.

These are the most popular bestselling cannabis seeds online to this day. Although at first an unstable, hermie nightmare, feminized seed breeding has gone a long way. Top quality strains are available from online seed banks that yield well and taste awesome. Almost any weed strain you can think of is available in feminized seed form, as breeders only need one clone to make them.

Mold Resistant Strains

Mold Resistant Strains is a website built by a Hawaiian grower who was sick of botrytis AKA mold or bud rot infecting his plants. Lists of the bestselling cannabis seeds per month can be found there, all picked for their resilience against mold and other challenges of growing marijuana outdoors.

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