Why Smoking Shatter is Better Then Hash

If you are someone who enjoys the occasional, or not so occasional, indulgence in a little marijuana, you are probably already aware that there are several different ways you can consume it. For most, the options are somewhat limited, meaning that you can choose to smoke it was either a cigarette or as a hash or eat it. Either way, you are sure to have a really great time.

However, thanks to technological advancements and a few endearing pioneers, there is an entirely new genre of marijuana consumables that are becoming very popular. These products, collectively known as BHO, or butane hash oils, utilize a process whereby concentrated hash oils are extracted from the marijuana plant using a butane torch. BHO is a highly concentrated form of THC and offers marijuana aficionados a new way to appreciate the finer properties that marijuana have to offer with much less product.

BHO is a generic term used to describe a number of different configurations. For example, a shatter is a form of BHO that, when finished properly, becomes a thin, brittle glass-like substance that users place into a marijuana bong and heat. Shatter vapor contains a very high level of THC, which provides a profound, near immediate high. The process of Smoking shatter is known on the street as dabbing because it is said that you only need a dab of shatter to get you high.

There are some inherent dangers in smoking shatter including the relative ease in which you can overdose due to the highly concentrated nature of the product. However, these dangers are unique to novice shatter smokers and can be easily overcome with a little education and some experience. Plus, you get the added benefits that smoking shatter offers over smoking hash. For example, it doesn’t take nearly as much shatter to create the same level of high as the hash, which means that you don’t have to expose your lungs to nearly as much vapor, which helps to prevent the known long-term effects of exposure to marijuana smoke. Additionally, because it takes so little to produce a good high, the use of shatter, while initially more expensive than even the best hash, ultimately winds up costing you less over time. Lastly, shatter offers you a unique smoking experience, both in taste and in euphoria, each time you smoke it, which makes it a true adventure every time you indulge. What’s more is that these benefits are just a few.

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