Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and His Views and Stance on the Legalization of Marijuana

Who is Joe Biden?

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., most commonly known as Joe Biden or Joseph Biden, is the 47th Vice President of United States of America who served in the White House. He was born on 1942, November 20 and in the northeastern state which is Pennsylvania in the Scranton’s city of blue collar. Joseph Biden Sr. was his father who worked as a car salesman and cleans furnaces. While his mother is Catherine Eugenia Finnegan aka Jean, he was proud as his parents taught him to have perseverance, to be hardworking and strong. He was always reminded by the words told by his father that being a champion does not measure how many times you have knocked down but got up quickly is always the one which counts in. Young Joe Biden was mock by some kids as “Joe Impedimenta” or “Dash” because of stuttering, but he had able to cope up with it by memorizing poetry with the long passage, and he speaks it out in front of their mirror. Then on his childhood days, he has been bullied by their neighborhood’s bigger kids, but his mother always told him to bloody the nose of bigger kids so he can pass by the street tomorrow.

Joe Biden spent his elementary days in Scranton’s St. Paul’s Elementary School. Then, when he was 13 years old his family decided to move in Mayfield, Delaware it is sustained by the chemical company which is the DuPont, and it was a community that grows as a middle – class. While he entered his high school in Pennsylvania’s St. Helena School until he has accepted in the prestigious school of Archmere Academy. Joe Biden had to help his family to pay for his tuition, so he entered works such as to weed in the garden and to wash the windows of the school. But he never gave up because it is his dream school and he will never let the opportunity goes out. He called his school as his deepest desired object and his Oz. Although he was skinny, he entered the football team, and his coach told that he is a great pass receiver that he had for 16 years of coaching.  In 1961, he graduated in Archmere as a solid student.

Then, he entered the University of Delaware to study political science and history. Still, he continues to play football. Joe Biden admitted that he spent his college’s first two years for being more interested in girls, parties and playing football than focusing on his academics. He just became interested in politics when John F. Kennedy delivered his inspirational inauguration in the year 1961. In Biden’s junior year trip to the Bahamas during spring break, he met Neilia Hunter, a student at Syracuse University. He said that it was love when she looks at Neilia Hunter. He became inspired in his studies because of Neilia Hunter for that he graduated in 1965 at Delaware University. After graduating, he has been accepted to the Law School of Syracuse University. He was a law student and considered as best mediocre. Biden’s first year at the university, he failed to cite properly the reference of a review article for a law that’s why he had flunked his class. Although he had explained that it was just accidentally oversight for it, that incident may haunt him in his career. In the year 1966, he gets married to Neilia Hunter.

He worked in a short time for being an attorney then after that he entered politics. Joe Biden became US Senator and considered as the fifth-youngest and Delaware’s senator who had a long service. He never had a momentum when he had a campaign in 2008 presidential election, but Barack Obama, who was a Democratic nominee, chose him to be a running mate. He accepted the offer of Obama and run as vice president. Then he was declared and serve for two terms as vice president. When Barack Obama’s administration has ended in the year 2017, Obama gives Biden a “Presidential Medal of Freedom.” Then after two years, Joe Biden announced that he would run for 2020 Presidential Election.

Joe Biden was a Former Senator and served as Judiciary Committee Chairman. For decades, he is well known as a drug warrior in Congress. When the number of criminalization and scaremongering increases, Biden helped in making of drug policy in the US. Joe Biden is also the Former Vice President of the United States of America. He was chosen by the presidential nominee, Barack Obama to be his running mate in the year 2008 under the Democratic Party. Biden was then elected as vice president of the Obama’s Administration.

But running as a President in the election, people will ask you many questions and what your platforms are. Among the important issue of abortion, gay marriage, gun control, and the status of the economy, the issue about marijuana legalization is considered an important major issue.

 Joe Biden stance on marijuana legalization makes him distant to other Democratic opponents. As he sponsored the 1994 crime bill that was considered as notorious and drug legislation which is most penalize. But he recognized the consequences of being active in anti-drug legislative. He affirms that drugs like marijuana or cannabis should be illegalized throughout the board. As criminal justice system can take over to handle those people who are drug offenders, and he included that it is a mistake to regulate marijuana. He opposes to legalize marijuana, but he said that he would support to decriminalize and reschedule marijuana policies. He wants marijuana to reclassify to move in the federal law and to be included in Schedule II. Furthermore, Schedule II is designated as less restrictive than the status of Schedule I, which is a move that can remove things that might block the research on drugs. In the long term opposition of Joe Biden, he has taken the heat in advocating the reforms for drug policy and to modernize the country’s law for marijuana.

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