Presidential Candidate Cory Booker and His Views and Stance on the Legalization of Marijuana

Biography of Cory Booker

In Newark, Cory Booker is a former mayor, and he became a junior senator to represent New Jersey. Cory Booker was born at Washing D.C. in the year 1969, April 27.  His parent were activists for civil rights and IBM’s first black who works as executives, his father is Cary Alfred, and his mother is Carolyn Rose Booker. Cory Booker and together with his family they lived in Harrington Park, New Jersey. He entered Stanford University where he joined the varsity football to play, he also led the hotline for the student-run crisis, and he was the president of their senior class. Booker graduated a bachelor’s degree in political science, and after that, he earned a Sociology master’s degree. When he graduated at Stanford University, he earned an award of Rhodes scholarship that enables him to study in the premier University of Oxford.

Also, Booker studied law at Yale Law School and earned his Juris Doctor. After that, he begins to operate his legal clinics for free to the New Haven’s residents who earned a low income. Booker has a hectic schedule, but he never runs of time to join National Black Law Students Association and to serve as Big Brother in the organization of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Cory Booker’s Political Career

He became interested in local politics particularly in the council of Newark City, he ran and won over George Branch who has had four terms for being Newark City Council. When he declared as one of Newark’s city council, he wants to pay special attention to the problems of violence and drugs. Then he lives and stays in a tent for 10 days near the areas where they’re dealing with drugs happen, and he had experienced a strike of hunger. Booker was known to be an advocate of reforming education, and he also proposes transparency in the City Hall for council initiatives where he was outvoted in a number of 8 – 1. However, Booker did not give up till he runs in the re-election, he believes in his strength then he runs to seat as Newark’s mayor against Sharpe James who is a longtime incumbent. He had his supporters in his campaign who called him as carpetbagger that he was not that black enough to handle and lead the city. But unluckily, Booker did not win the election still he finished his term for council in the year 2002.

After his loss in the running as Newark’s city mayor, he started to give his time in making headlines and joined nonprofit organizations which aim to give services and resources the residents in Newark to make their community better.

He encourages himself until he runs again in position for Newark City’s mayor in 2006. As Booker promised that he would lessen the number of crime rates in Newark City, and also he wanted to improve the services of the city and its education system, he was declared as Newark City’s mayor. As Cory Booker had his strong fight for crimes, some leaders of blood gang became angry then plotted Booker’s assassination, but later on, it was found out with the help of state investigators. Since in the year of 1970, he was consecutively the third black person who was seated as mayor of Newark City. Booker had been implemented a lot of reforms such as to improve the services of the city and overhauling of the police department. In his administration he also approved to have a large budget that will use to fix the structure financial deficit of the city, he gets the budget in the history of the city which has the increase of property tax.

Booker has the characteristics of being a public servant, just by his self until 4 A.M. he patrolled the streets as in his first term, he has to lessen the number of crime rates.  He also implemented to cut the pays of the city’s directors and manager who considered as the top earning but by 8 percent he reduces his salary. Furthermore, Booker’s good leadership the Newark City’s private philanthropy have collected $100 and more. Booker is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, then in October 2009 he was given honor through Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and in 2012 he was considered a finalist in the 2010 World Mayor prize.

Booker was fond of using social media, especially Twitter. Booker’s relationship was a little tight-lipped, in March 2019 it has been confirmed that Booker is dating an actress and it was Rosario Dawson. Then he was known as the country’s second-best social mayor. After serving as a mayor, he became a senator in the U.S. Senate through a special election in 2013. Then on the first day of the month of Black History, February 1, 2019, he announced through an email that he would run as president for the 2020 presidential election.

On the interview of Tom Joyner to Cory Booker, he emphasized that the part key of his platform is the marijuana reform. He explained that it is changing the current drug laws and to point an end to the prohibition over marijuana. Cory Booker chiefly sponsored the Marijuana Justice Act. It is a bill which ends the federal prohibition of removing marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. Through this bill, it can penalize states which laws of marijuana had enforced by the disproportionate manner, and he helps the communities that have been targeted for the war on drugs he helped them by establishing a  program of a federal grant that will be invested to them.

In Cory Booker presidency, what will happen to marijuana?

It is more clear that Booker is a politician that has a powerful advocate to the reform of federal marijuana if he was seated as president. He is considered as the fiercest proponent politician that has consistent condemnation for the drug war. It also became one of the reasons to continue serving the people and working at the White House.

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