Pot-O-Coffee Offers Cannabis-Infused Coffee at First Ever Collective Cafe

      Pot-O-Coffee (POC), a leading producer of cannabid-infused beverages, in partnership with Surf City Collective, today announced the opening of The POC Cannabis Café. The first ever collective café, POC will offer the company’s complete line of products: Pot-O-Coffee, Pot-O-Tea, and Pot-O-Coco.

      While the Pot-O-Coffee product line has been available at medical collectives and dispensaries, the Pot-O-Coffee Cannabis Café marks the first time it will be offered where “Budristas” will serve all of the brands blends, Pot-O-Coffee, Pot-O-Tea, and Pot-O-Coco at a dedicated coffee bar inside the Surf City Collective. Voted the #1 collective in Orange County, Surf City was a natural partner for the café, due to their welcoming environment, high traffic, and wide selection of cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates.

      The partnership further distinguishes Surf City as a destination point and provides the Pot-O-Coffee Cannabis Café with focused service and a captive patient audience from day one. “An indoor café was something we really wanted to try,” said Jennifer Smith, Head of Business Development, “and when the opportunity arose in our new Surf City Collective, we couldn’t think of a better brand to partner with than Pot-O-Coffee.”

      The Pot-O-Coffee product line features the highest quality ingredients, including 100% Arabica coffee, fresh cut tea leafs, and the finest chocolate. Each product is infused with either THC for a more traditional cannabis experience or CBD for medicinal relief without the “high” effect– always with the strictest quality control to ensure complete consistency of experience. Patients can choose between dosages of 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

      “I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Surf City Collective on the first of many POC Cannabis Cafés,” said Cass Riese, Head of Marketing and Business Affairs. “We built this flexible turnkey concept to work in any medical or recreational dispensary environment, including free-standing kiosks and unique venues where patients and consumers can appreciate a perfectly blended cannabis beverage. I look forward to the Pot-O-Coffee Cannabis Café expanding into all legal states.”

About Pot-O-Coffee:
      Optimized Products Group LLC (OPG), an innovative Alternative Medicine company, through its brand Pot-O- Coffee, licenses intellectual properties for the production of THC and CBD infused products targeting the expanding medical and recreational retail markets. As part of a comprehensive strategy to stimulate a rapid expansion into the growing market place for medical and recreationally legal cannabis, Pot-O- Coffee is piloting several cannabis-based medicinal and consumer products through it’s licensing network with service offerings such as their branded line of THC products, Pot-O-Coffee, Pot-O-Tea, Pot-O-Coco as well as and their CBD line of Pot-O-Coffee and Pot-O-Tea. Through its licensee, OPG currently produces in California and has tentative license agreements for production in Colorado, Nevada, and Washington with plans to add additional states by the end of 2015. Pot O Coffee also expects to introduce new products to its line the beginning of Q4 2015. For more information please visit http://www.potocoffee.coffee.

About Surf City Collectives:
      Surf City Collective has recently committed to the city of Lawndale. We bring our top-notch dedicated customer service team, coupled with award winning products to Lawndale, so patients can be assured they have a safe place to access their medication. Allowing patients to take pride in how they manage their health and the facility they choose has always been our benchmark for success. We recently won Best Dispensary in Orange County according to the Oc Weekly and look forward to exceeding patient’s expectations in Lawndale

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