Why plastic bongs are perfect for the new smoker

For those that are new to the herb blazing scene, or for those who just started smoking alone, rolling a joint may not be so easy. Even if you manage to wrap one together you can often end up wasting a lot of the ingredients due to the roll being loose and burning to fast. No one wants to throw away their weed. So what is the solution? You could spend hours learning how to roll or you could invest a very small bit of money on a plastic bong. From as low as $12 you could buy a plastic bong at www.herbtools.ca/shop/bongs/plastic.html/ and stop wasting herbs by tomorrow. The beauty behind this option is that no skills are required at all. You simply grind down your herb and place it in a bowl. You can’t really go wrong.

What types of bongs are out there

If you take a look around an online bong shop you will see their are loads of different materials bongs are being made from. But for your first one I really suggest you go with a plastic one for these reasons.

  • Plastic is so strong, you can drop it hundreds of times without breaking it. So you know that you will be getting use of this bong for a long time
  • They are by far the cheapest type you can buy, so you can test one out without making a large investment
  • Even if you were to get a more pricey one later on, you can always bring out this cheaper version to let friends try, without risking your more expensive types!

I wish someone had highlighted these points to me before I made my first purchase. I went with a pricey glass one and a friend ended up breaking it, but those were painful times and I am not ready to talk about that dreadful night. I am confident that you will quickly fall in love with your plastic bong, stoners often get quite attached to their pipe and they begin to feel like a part of a smoking circle.

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