How to Pick the Best LED grow lights

LED full spectrum grow lights are a great tool for the indoor-outdoor garden cultivator.

LED grow lights are highly-reviewed and are the decided best option for many growers of plants. Cannabis, buds, and many other herbs and flowers thrive under LED high-intensity lighting. The normal indoor HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting fixture simulates the sun, and comes in such bulb sizes as 1000 watts! HPS and Metal Halide light bulbs run up an expensive electricity bill quickly. Through a high powered 1000W or less ballast, a high-pressure sodium(HPS) or a metal halide(MH) bulb is illuminated brightly and provides the needed photosynthesis for plants. Take a look at the photo below.

Now Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium lights have their clear advantages in some ways, but for the normal home-grower, they often turn out creating more cost, worry, and fuss than is needed. Not to mention MH and HPS bulbs need replacing, the grow room needs to be properly ventilated with heat dissipation taken care of. For some cannabis cultivators, the high power usage is just too much.

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Benefits of LED Grow Lights

The Best LED grow lights

You are surely already comfortable with LED technology. In fact, there’s a probability that there is at least one LED in front of you now, as your reading this on your phone or computer. What if I told you that plants can be grown with this same LED bulb technology? There are efficient red and blue spectrums, much like the red and blue pill, so which one are you going to take?

Standard LED bulbs have been redesigned in stronger wattages, made respectively into 3 watts, 4 watts, and even 5-watt bulb sizes that produce intense full spectrum lighting when illuminated. Banded together, these bulbs create what is known as the LED grow light.

LED grow lights come in all different shapes and size options, but beware of cheap made LED grow lights that do not provide the true spectrum they are advertising!

Early on the infamous UFO circular LED grow lights were the most popular produced and used by growers. Growing cannabis with LED lights was still considered a niche activity, with most serious cannabis cultivators regecting LED’s as a fad. However, as the years went on people and companies all saw the benefits of LED plant growth, and now everybody is jumping on board. These lights can use as little as 40 watts of power draw and produce enough usable plant light to be comparable to a bulky power-hogging HID light. This is a big improvement from the other low power lighting option, fluorescent lights. LED grow lights make herb plants grow much more vigorously and faster than other low-power draw lights.

What are Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Most LED grow lights for sale this year are manufactured as full spectrum. Full spectrum LED grow lights feature all of the plant-absorbable color spectra including:

  • Red spectrum LEDs
  • Blue spectrum LEDs
  • White spectrum LEDs
  • Ultraviolet spectrum LEDs

When these spectrums are combined, you get the term full spectrum LED grow to light The mix of LED colors creates a full spectrum high-intensity light that is efficiently absorbed by herb plants. Full spectrum LED grow lights are available from 1 watt all the way to 5,000 watts or more.

When buying LED grow lights, remember to purchase with trusted companies such as King Plus, Mars Hydro, Advanced Platinum, Vipar Spectra, and Galaxyhydro. These are all trusted LED grow light manufacturers. For more information and other helpful grow tips visit Jared at

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