Can a Cannabis User Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

Marijuana is one of the many drugs people get tested for in the workplace and other environments. In most cases urine is used to test people for drugs, although blood, saliva, and hair can also be used to determine the presence of drugs in your system. But here, we are going to look at whether you can pass a marijuana drug test after having some contact with cannabis.


Can a Cannabis User Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

There is no simple answer to this question since a number of factors come into play as far as passing this test goes. Some of the things that might affect the likelihood of marijuana being found in your system during a drug test include the following.


  1. The potency of the cannabis you took – the more potent the strain you smoked, the greater the chances it will still be in your system during the test.


  1. How regularly you use marijuana – regular users are more likely to test positive.


  1. The last time you took marijuana – the more recently you use the drug, the more likely it will be detected during the test.


  1. Your weight – having more weight might work to you advantage during these tests.


  1. Your metabolism – a faster metabolism will rid your body of the drug a lot faster.


  1. Amount of body fat in your body – fat keeps the drug in the body for longer.


How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test


1. Don’t Take Marijuana

The most effective way to ensure you pass a marijuana drug test is obviously to avoid taking the drug altogether.


2. Be Smart About Your Marijuana Use

You can be smart about how you use this drug. For instance, if you know that you have a test coming up in a few weeks, you can abstain from using the drug so that it won’t be found in your system during the test.


3. Know How You React to the Drug

You can also learn more about the drug and how long it will stay in your system based on your usage habits, your body composition, and the versions you use. With this information, you can know with greater certainty whether the drug will be found in your system when a test comes up.


4. Use Special Compounds

To pass hair drug test situations, you can use special shampoos that can make the test negative. Such a product will cleanse your hair of any traces of the drug to ensure you pass the test.


Some people have also survived a drug test by taking special pills that flush the system of any traces of marijuana, despite being regular users. Such drugs help to return a negative or an unconfirmed test result.


5. Borrow Clean Urine

In more desperate situations, some people have passed off other people’s urine as their own. Although risky, this is actually a very effective way of passing a drug marijuana drug test.


6. Add Something to the Urine Sample

A less effective way is to add something to your urine to alter the test results. But this method is not without its flaws. Adding a detergent or another compound can change the physical appearance of the urine and give away the fact that you have done something to alter the urine. So, proceed with caution when adding things to your urine to avoid a positive drug test result.


If you have a marijuana drug test coming up; and you suspect you test might turn out positive, above are some measures you can take. Avoiding using the drug is the most effective way to pass the test, but if that fails, you can use special products, be smarter about how you use the drug, and so forth.

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