Pass a Drug Test with Cannitrol

      Despite its legal status or social acknowledgment, quite a few people have smoked weed. This obviously includes individuals that end up smoking more than they feel they ought to be.

      Ceasing Marijuana use can mean migraines, crabbiness, emotional episodes, lack of sleep, for the most part acting rude and more for a few individuals.

      Not using marijuana after a long and consistent use normally causes drops in serotonin. Cannitrol Contains 5-HTP, a serotonin precursor it can assist with regulation of B serotonin levels. Cannitrol also contains Ciwujia, which helps with psychotropic addictions. Other ingredients include Passion Flower for Anxiety, Valerian Root for stress and sleep disorders (non-drowsy in formulation Valerian Root) and St John’s Wort for OCD-like symptoms.

      Additionally a major key to pass a drug test is stopping use; Cannitrol can help with that. There many reasons somebody would desire to quit smoking pot.

      Joining the military, moving, relationships, working occupations abroad and legal reasons are a sample of the numerous reasons individuals have cited for halting smoking weed.

“This is more complex than Chantix Vs Marlboro, simply because Marijuana does not kill people. The last thing we want to imply is that MJ users are losers and need to stop, because that just isn’t true. It’s about stopping, not quitting.” – Benny Gold COO of

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