Must-Have Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Glass Pipe

      Buying a glass pipe, or any other type of smoking device, can be a significant decision, and it’s a must-have for most smokers. It’s something you may want to hold on to for many years, which is why it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your pipe, to maximize its use.

      When you take the time to thoroughly clean a pipe or even a bong, many people feel it can impact the taste of their smoking experience, in a positive way. Sometimes people will take the maintenance shortcut and simply scrape out excess resin or residue that collects, but if you want to make the most of your pipe and keep it hanging around for longer, consider these tips to clean your pipe and keep it in excellent condition.

Use a Premixed Solution

      One of the primary ways to clean your pipe is to use a premade solution, which you can purchase online or at a retailer. A pipe or bong cleaning solution is going to have the components you need to get a sparkling result, but they can be much pricier than some of the other alternatives. If you opt for a commercial solution, there are numerous options, ranging from traditional cleaning products to all-natural compounds.

Use Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

      A favorite homemade solution many people favor is a combination of salt and rubbing alcohol. One way to approach this is to combine a bit of salt with a healthy amount of rubbing alcohol. Then, you simply put the combination in your glass pipe and allow it to soak. You can also combine the salt and alcohol in a plastic bag of some kind, and submerge them in the bag. How long you’re going to soak your pipe using this method really depends on how dirty it is. In some cases, the alcohol could penetrate the resin in about an hour, but if your pipe is very dirty you might have to wait a few hours.

Scrub It

      If your glass pipe is incredibly dirty, or you simply want the best result possible, ou can use a scrub brush that’s small enough to reach inside your pipe and make sure everything is fully cleaned out. You may want to soak the pipe for a while in the solution of salt and rubbing alcohol to ensure the resin is as loose as possible before scrubbing. Another option is to opt for a cotton swab, which can be gentler and is also a common household product.

Lemon Juice for Water Marks

      Finally, if you want to take off watermarks or stains that aren’t caused by resin, another homemade glass pipe maintenance trick is to soak it in a combination of warm water and lemon juice for just about 15 minutes.

A Simplified Cleaning Routine

      After you select the ideal glass pipe, keeping it clean and pristine doesn’t have to be a hassle, and you’re likely to enjoy your experience more with a clean pipe. As a final concluding tip, if you want to avoid very hard to clean resin spots, clean your pipe on a regular basis, or after every time you use it.

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