Medical Marijuana and its Factors for Legality

Medical marijuana has been a center point for a lot of research in various places all around the world. It’s legality was being fought for in many states in the USA with the factual backing of its medical benefits. To date, there are 33 states in total that have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and 11 of them even legalized its recreational use. In the states where it is legal to sell and purchase marijuana on prescription, it is being sold as an over the counter drug. This drastic change came through only because of researchers who successfully proved that the various health benefits couldn’t be ignored. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits.

Alzheimer’s Disease

A major breakthrough for researchers came when they started working on the claim that medical marijuana could cure Alzheimer’s disease. The tests were successful. The patients who volunteered showed considerable improvement after the use of cannabis. News soon spread like wildfire and fueled the fight to legalize it.

Appetite Correction

Many people suffer from appetite loss. They just do not feel the need to eat. This is where medical marijuana steps in. Marijuana seemed to make a person hungry. With the right amount of dosage, medical marijuana can easily help correct a person’s appetite malfunction. 


Epilepsy is another disease that attacks the nervous system of the body. It makes the person lose awareness and sometimes causes seizures. In the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, it was unanimously agreed that medical marijuana can indeed successfully reduce the intensity of seizures and can even normalize the abnormal behavior symptoms. Kids with seizures due to epilepsy are given controlled doses of marijuana and it works wonders for them. It has become a common cure for epilepsy in the USA and can be purchased at a local dispensary who has a license. All you would require is a doctor’s prescription on hand for the exchange.


It has only been a couple of decades for anxiety to be recognized as a serious mental health issue. Anxiety is an extremely common feeling but can affect all aspects of your life if it is recurring. Studies have shown that at least 5% of Americans suffer from the disease in the form of serious mental disorders. Medical Marijuana has been at the forefront as an alternative therapy for treating anxiety.

Claim for Cancer

It was a rumor that had spread around the world like wildfire- marijuana could cure cancer. This though has still not yet been proved. What has been proved is that it could either be used as an agent to slow down the mutation or on the other hand, prevent cancer from ever developing. The cure for cancer is still out there somewhere but we have enough evidence to prove that marijuana certainly does help a cancer patient.

Such health benefits far outway the reasons for marijuana to be illegal. The world is slowly waking up to its immense benefits. Soon the entire world will have legalized marijuana and its healing abilities will be available for everybody.

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