Marijuana: most unique ways of getting high

There has been a lot of debate everywhere regarding the legalization of the psychoactive plant called marijuana. After a long and hard battle backed up by a lot of clinical studies, people are slowly recognizing that weed can provide a multitude of benefits to users in treating ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, cancer pain, and even depression. Now legalized for recreational use in Canada, this plant can be used for many things such as medicinal purposes or even to wind down and relax. Regardless of your motivation, what works for one may not work for another. It is important to be well-informed about your choices and preferences.

Dabs, budder, shatter, wax

Dabbing is a method of smoking concentrates without the use of dry herbs or tobacco. Dab is a super potent form of cannabis and is typically made from hash oil. Although this offers quite an intense high, new users should be wary of dabbing since it is much more potent than any strain. New users who are not familiar with dabs tend to pass out since the blood pressure drops too rapidly after one hit. It is important to proceed with caution when dabbing since the rig can burn your skin as well.

Smoking a bong, blunt. Pipe or bowl

Any of these can be used for medicinal purposes since they deliver fast relief. Its effect lasts for around 1-3 hours and takes place less than a minute after smoking. Since this hits the lungs directly, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream quickly. Since the liver is not directly involved in the transfer to the blood, we end up consuming only a little amount of 11-hydroxy THC. This means that the high will not be as intense as with edibles, and the duration is quite brief, so it is a popular choice among smokers.


Vaping had entered as a fad and is now staying because of the various CBD and THC vapes available in the market today. All vaporizers work by heating the liquid or the herb inside through a coil to produce smoke. These tend to have a fixed temperature that you do not need to tweak by yourself. There is not just one kind of vaporizer available. You can choose between a portable tabletop, and a disposable vape pen, depending on what suits your needs. These are better for public use since they are quite discreet and do not produce as much smoke.


For people who want the benefits of marijuana and are looking to get high but do not want to smoke, edibles are the perfect thing. Since edibles hit you more intensely than any other form of marijuana, these are preferred by people who have chronic pain issues. They even help people who have insomnia to stay asleep. The high from edibles stays for more than 8 hours which means that they offer long-lasting pain relief.

Everybody around the world understands the benefits of using marijuana. No matter what you need it for, it is important to understand the implications of each choice that you can take for getting high.

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