Marijuana Controversy in NFL

      The marijuana discussion in the NFL has been a bone of contention around the National Football League for quite a few days now. It has been in the news off late more than ever.


The controversy is, in fact, more about drawing a clear divide between medical use and substance abuse. The NFL is in the heart of a concussion catastrophe in which science condemns marijuana’s continuous usage as it’s a threat for causing concussive and sub-concussive impacts which can further culminate into long-term brain trauma.
The problem has become so gravely disturbing that two linebacker Chris Borland and offensive tackle Anthony Davis had to abruptly retire in their 20s partly because of their concern for potential brain injuries.

Moreover, NFL’s new drug policy upsurges the onset for positive marijuana tests, and Since the NFL operates in two states where marijuana is legal for leisure or medicinal purposes, this controversial issue about the league’s substance abuse policy has repeatedly been resurfacing. It’s a known fact that several players smoke weed, some because they like the feel or high, some to relax from the exhausting game after effects.

However, some also believe that smoking marijuana relieves them from the devastating and psychedelic effects of concussions, whatever their excuse is, but the league is definitely in the know of it. Things got worse when Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon got on the verge of indefinite suspension for smoking marijuana it is when things got a bit out of hands.



Three weeks earlier, a crowd favorite “Laremy Tunsil” was likely to be No.1, a favorite for the chosen overall pick in the NFL draft, but suddenly it all changes for Laremy in the most bizarre fashion when an offensive video of him wearing a gas mask smoking bong/marijuana was posted on his verified Twitter account just before the start of the draft.

Following Laremy Tunsil’s dramatic drop down the draft boards, after a video was released of him smoking marijuana, Laremy’s career suffered dramatically to the lowest low after this huge blow. The whole marijuana discussion was taking to a whole new level during the 2016 NFL draft.

The video was taken as a solid proof of him supporting and smoking marijuana, it could mean that Tunsil will possibly be mentioned as a professional drug counselor as soon as he enters Miami. He might as well have to take up NFL’s substance abuse program. In an unfortunate turn of events, Tunsil ended up losing millions of dollars after falling to the Miami Dolphins to the 13th pick. It was also alleged in the Thursday night’s NFL draft that not only did Tunsil smoke bong but he also took money from an assistant at Ole Miss.

However, soon after the misdemeanor, Tunsil told everyone that all his social media accounts were hacked and that he had not a slight idea of what happened and how. Laremy Tunsil must be given credit for handling the tricky situation exceptionally well. He remained calm amid the face of this horrid crisis and told everyone that he has nothing to hide and that he is truly blessed for being where he is and that was enough for him. However, in all fairness, Gruden and ESPN owe Laremy Tunsil an apology for this regrettable episode.

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