Does Marijuana affect Men’s Health?

People who smoke weed occasionally are free from being called “drug addicts” as doing pot is neither illegal nor extremely harmful. Marijuana has become something very common and normal not only among teens and students but among the elderly demographics as well. For example, British medics showed the analgesic properties of weed that help fight multiple sclerosis and chronic neurological disorders.

Cannabis maybe not the worst sin, but, as it turned out, it is not as harmless as we all thought. As American scientists report, the sperm of men who regularly smoke weed may lose the ability to fertilize the egg because of the premature “burnout”. Results of the Buffalo University show that smoker’s sperm moves too fast to reach the egg, joining it before the right time. Besides that, the sperm count of marijuana smokers is significantly lower than of people who abstain from it.

Why is low sperm count bad?

First of all, sperm count is responsible for fertilizing. Let’s say the probability of hitting the bulls-eye when playing darts will increase by 5 times if you have more throwers. When the sperm count is decreased, it works as if somebody broke your darts and the chance to score is lower unless you are lucky or very skillful. That is why men who think about having children should abandon smoking weed at least three months before the impregnation. By that time, the sperm count gets back to normal.

British scientists conducted a study where 2249 men with different habits participated. They wanted to find out what days of the year make men most fertile. But during the research, they got to completely another conclusion. It turned out that only marijuana and obesity influence the size and shape of spermatozoa. At the same time, alcohol and tobacco were not as aggressive to male sperm cells.

Weed and male potency

It is worth noting that the “kush” also has a very negative impact on male potency. This is due to the presence of two factors: a decrease in the level of testosterone and the narrowing of the blood vessels, as a result of which the pelvic organs don’t get enough blood. If that happens your penis won’t see much action anymore and will be good enough only for a cock cage which you could find at

It all eventually leads to erectile dysfunction and a decrease in the size of testicles. The amount of sperm that can be produced decreases, while gametes under the influence of tetrahydrocannabinol lose their ability to penetrate the protective shell of a female egg and fertilize it.

Massive marijuana smoking causes the extinction of the main function of the testicles, leading to their rapid decrease in size. This affects the density of the testicles, slowing the production of several types of sex hormones and the reproduction of spermatozoa. The process of smoking (anything, including smoking tobacco) causes a narrowing of the vessels responsible for ensuring proper blood flow to the penis and leads to early impotence or a marked reduction in erection. However, these research is not hundred percent proved as it is difficult to find people with the same number of bad habits, approximately average genetics.

Men who practice smoking weed have an increased sexual tension afterward. However, after long sessions, the arousal washes off a little bit, so you need to consume more marijuana to feel an unprecedented influx of intimate desire. Finding your soul mate who will share your desire to have sex while being high is important, but don’t forget about other consequences.

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