Legalization of Marijuana and It’s Benefits

Legalization of marijuana, except for personal consumption, has its own benefits. Generally speaking, smoking marijuana is overhyped and not a big deal as it gives a high and people get to relax for a while, but the trouble starts only when it’s abused, rather than being casually used!

Consuming marijuana in limited quantity and dosage may not be dangerous. If you look at the characteristics of cannabis, it’s similar to that of alcohol. When alcohol is consumed, people simply ease out, relax and sleep when we talk about normal volumes. But, then too much of booze can certainly knock your sense off, and then lead to problems!

Why Ban Only Marijuana?

Being permitted to consume any amount of alcohol that too any number of times and not being able to smoke marijuana is not a logical thing. People get jailed or prosecuted in prisons for possession of marijuana, but not alcohol. In fact, people might turn violent after consuming alcohol, but the reverse happens after consumption of marijuana. People become calm and listen to music, do chitchat and eat.

Possible Impact of Legalization of Marijuana

If the possession of marijuana in limited quantities is declared legal, then it will prevent the overcrowding of prisons. Then, people will not be sent to jails for possession of a few grams of marijuana and smoking it. It will no more be a thing of curiosity. Basically, when something is illegal, more people would want to give it a try. Legalizing to buy marijuana seeds will solve this problem. People Don’t Take Marijuana and Drive!

The argument is that if alcohol is legal, its consumption and possession in any quantity, amount or volume is not considered illegal then marijuana should be legalized in small quantities too. Alcohol is easily available; on the other hand, marijuana is not so easily available. After the consumption of a lot of beer, people may become violent and lose control. We hear of drunken driving accidents every now and then, only because people are high under the influence of alcohol. Then, why is marijuana considered illegal? As a matter of fact, people booze and drive, but the last thing that people would probably do is drive when they are high on marijuana. In any case, a thought on these points should be given to all and legalizing marijuana should be considered.

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