Kickstart your Cannabis Smoking Journey with an Ultimate Guide

Congratulations, you’ve finally made up your mind to take the first leap towards trying cannabis. Well done! Welcome to the Family. But, before you take your first toke, you must have professional advice so that you have a fair idea of what’s coming ahead of you. Now you might be wondering why do you want to know that? Well, it’s because you must smoke weed for the first time with a clear bent of mind.

Smoking cannabis is a form of art in itself. It is a unique experience for every person, and the effects are most likely to vary. For this reason, new cannabis users must be familiar with the magical plant before they start consuming it. Doing so will help you make your marijuana consumption process a good experience and eliminate all the unnecessary mistakes.

  • Choose the Right Kind of Strain:

Your pro- cannabis friends might have enumerated the words Sativa and Indica quite a lot of times, but you’ve always wondered what these are? These are the two major cannabis plants and have a wide range of effects on the mind and body.

The Indica strains are known for the deep body relaxation properties and mellow high and help you with anxiety and insomnia.  On the other hand, Sativa strains work well to provide a creative and energetic effect, which is apt for socializing. Newbies should consider starting with a hybrid- a blend of two strains.

  • Use Glass Pipes:

There can be various materials for smoking pipes. For instance, the tobacco smoking pipes have a briarwood material, meerschaum. Similarly, marijuana pipes can also have ceramic, metal, glass, or wood materials. However, the experts are all thumbs up for galaxy glass pipe as the best choice for marijuana smokers. Smoking a glass pipe- you tend to experience a flavorful and smooth smoke for all your favorite strains.

It’ll come as a surprise to a noob like you, but even the glass pipes have the coolest designs- just in case you thought of their monotonous look. The pipes have animal and fancy color-changing glass pipes. These are a great combination of practical smoking devices and superb glass art. Also, know that these pipes are durable and are made up of high-quality glass.

  • Store the Cannabis Properly:

A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology sheds light on the ability of cannabis to stay stable for up to two years when properly stored. Keep CBD away from light, UV rays, and heat as they can burn the cannabinoids. The experts exclaim that excessive light can make marijuana ineffective.

Other big enemies of cannabis stash are moisture and air. The presence of excessive air is most likely to speed up the degradation process, and moisture sends an invitation to mold. Thus, keep it in an airtight container in a non-humid room away from light.

  • Stay Hydrated:

Now that you know how to smoke cannabis, another simple yet effective tip lies in staying hydrated. Cannabis makes your mouth and eyes, which you can prevent by drinking lots of water. Always have a large bottle of water when you’re smoking cannabis. Set a reminder to take a sip of water every half an hour. Know that water hydration will make your smoking experience much more pleasant.

Be Prepared to Fall in Love ‘Coz It’s Time to Get High.

People are known to fall in love with cannabis at the first pipe itself. They’re smitten by the buzz and embark upon a groundbreaking relationship with the magical plant. Now that you, too, know what the plant is all about, do give it a try. Experiment with different settings, consumption methods, and try an extra strain.

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