John Delaney’s marijuana legalization stand

Different countries have legalized Marijuana in their state. John Delaney, a running candidate for the presidential position in the United States that promote a Democratic party is one of the persons that has a say about the legalization of Marijuana in the state. John Delaney is an early bidder for the occurring nomination for president. He has many, such as the former representative of Maryland. As for his interest in the position itself, he already announced its candidacy two years ago which is on 2017. He was the first candidate to run a Democratic party in the total candidates for the nomination. Since he is about to run for the candidacy, he is involved in the issue of Marijuana and its legalization for the country. Here is his say for the said issue.

Being a former representative of his state, he and his Democratic party candidates running for different positions is already proven to support marijuana reform. The process of how he supports Marijuana or what is mainly called as cannabis (a type of cannabis), is not directly made for order. He and his colleagues created some statements upon other comments on the different faces of the issue. He and his colleagues did not support several issues during any official statements of John and its party.

He has been continually serving Maryland for almost 6 years as a Congressman of his state. Starting from the year 2013 up to 2019, he is known to be sponsoring seven cannabis-related bills during his dispensation. Other than that, he is already taking the act with the three legislation of the removal of CBD in the Controlled Substances Act. These were his protection to Marijuana and his different acts. Among the three, two them was protection for banks who are working with marijuana businesses from penalties on the federal state and one is the protection for individuals who are actively participating in legal state marijuana activities from the federal intrusion. Aside from those three, he is also protecting its patients who are using cannabis for medical purposes.

Formerly, the Congressman has supported the amendment of his protection of the cannabis to the federal government since the federal and state is blocking, or even punishing banks that toil with the marijuana business and created reforms about the action in compliance with the law of the state.

Way back on 2013, he and his early career of being the Congressman on Maryland responded to some inquiry from Daily Kos with his statement about the state, federal and local laws that are specifically about marijuana activities lead to illegitimate justice cost. By that, the legalization or the decriminalization of Marijuana can help to exacerbate the costs. Further, they may occur when it is made illegitimate. His statement on the issue creates an open boundary with him and the cannabis activities issue.

On the other hand, on February 2019, he has officially created a statement for the Boston Globe from the current marijuana policy which is that it has “contributed to a criminal justice system where people of color disproportionately harmed.” Later on from his statement on the news network, he then responded to a caller for C-SPAN that he is supporting Marijuana for medical activities. John Delaney out looked the issue and therefore concluded that different doctors should prescribe the availability of Marijuana in medical activities. He finds it a straightforward issue that he is on the side of creating Marijuana legalized to be used in the state.

On some quotes and social media posts that have been updated about John Delaney’s stand for the legalization of Marijuana in the federalized state, here are some of his statements. Delaney and the stand for the poll of the decriminalization of Marijuana are quite far and few between. Other than Delaney, other Democratic candidates have been vocal about their stand to the issue. They have created and supported other reforms that make it more evident on their positive stand for cannabis. From other statements, John Delaney’s was not being straightforward about his stand, but some statements proved his decriminalization of cannabis but still not open about it.

After his statement on Marijuana on the interviews he responded, Marijuana Moment has reached out on Delaney’s campaign to create a clarification about his stand about the marijuana legalization issue, but during the time, there was no representative present to give an immediate response to the topic.

On another topic about John Delaney and the topic, he has not publicly spoken about his personal experience with Marijuana or cannabis.

In conclusion, he is consistent with the legislation of the protection of the legalized stated from federal marijuana enforcement. You can see that he is on the side of creating Marijuana to go further during his campaign. His support and even sponsors for the protection that he is enabling starting from the year 2013 create a clear view of his stand. On the other hand, he had not created a personal reform about Marijuana and therefore created a statement that this could harm disproportionately but further on created his comment from his issue.

According to some, under the presidency of John Delaney, what to expect is an outspoken leader about the cannabis issue. From his track record for his vote to be in favor of the legislation of Marijuana, you could see some support for the chance of the current federal policy creates. There will be some more significant changes that may occur, including the protection programs and even the legalizing of cannabis itself. Being a former congressman, his stand on Marijuana is already seen starting from the start of his system. There is something to look forward to his candidacy, especially for those who are in favor for the issue, John Delaney cleared his stand and doing some actions that are seen as the start for the changing of the present federal government.

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