Is DIY Hash Oil Dangerous?

      Even if you’re just beginning to learn about weed vaporizer usage and cannabis, you’ve probably heard of hash oil by now. This waxy substance has been in the news a lot recently, leading to questions about whether the substance is safe to use in a marijuana vaporizer in places where it is legal to do so. Read on to learn more about just what the oil is and whether or not it’s safe.

What Is Hash Oil?

      Hash oil is a resin that is produced from cannabis. The substance has a thick, oily consistency that has led some people to nickname it honey oil.  Highly concentrated, the waxy oil has a very high THC content, making it a favorite among experienced marijuana users who want a more powerful experience. Other names for hash oil include shatter and dab. Often, hash oil is smoked or loaded into a compact, portable vaporizers called a wax pen and then vaped
The Dangers

      A quick Internet search reveals dozens of recipes for DIY hash oil. While there are many steps to the process, it is possible to produce hash oil at home using a solvent like butane; however, it’s those industrious hash oil users that have made the wax headline news. Unfortunately, making your own hash oil can be very dangerous.

      If butane is used in an area that lacks good ventilation, the flammable gas can fill a home. Then, an appliance can easily cause a serious explosion. There have been reports of explosions large enough to crack the exterior of buildings in California and in Colorado. Many incidents are connected to putting hash oil in the freezer during the production process. When the appliance becomes filled with fumes, it can easily ignite.

The Legality of Hash Oil

      Even though there are dangers associated with making your own hash oil to use in a cannabis vaporizer, in most places where marijuana is legal, hash oil is legal as well. Still, people who cause damage to property or put other people at risk for injury by making their own hash oil could be prosecuted for a variety of crimes like reckless endangerment.

Using Legal Hash Oil Safely

      Due to both the legal risks and real dangers of making your own hash oil, industry experts recommend that those who want to use wax pens, portable, or desktop wax weed vaporizer gadgets purchase commercially prepared oil from a licensed dispensary. It’s wise to follow this advice. After all, the only bang you want to get from honey oil is the one from THC!

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