Introducing Plasma lighters for cigarettes


Plasma lighters are the new way to light a cigarette. You can only imagine how cool they look when they are held close to a cig, and the purple lights shine and produce… fire!

You will need quite a bit of research on the internet to find out all about this new gadget; but don’t worry, we gathered all we could to enlighten you a bit… see what we did there?

Plasma lighters why are they so cool?

Plasma lighters can be found in a lot of color schemes and models, just like regular flame lighters, but with only a minimal difference: they do not need a flame to light your cigarettes.

Instead, plasma lighters shine with an arch of electricity that releases a shocking purple discharge. This discharge is very hot, so hot that it can in fact set many flammable objects on fire very quickly. This is what you get when you press that button on the side.

How do they work?

Plasma lighters for cigarettes are very simple to use, and you only have to press a button and use the arch of electricity to light something. But behind their simple design, there is a very cool circuit that can be triggered a lot of times before consuming its battery.

The circuit ends with two electrodes placed together, which form an arc of electricity that is called plasma. Plasma is simply air ionized by electricity, which can reach very high temperatures, thus making it ideal to be used as lighters.

What can plasma lighters do that old-school lighter can’t?

One of the main reasons plasma lighters are so popular is the immense advantage they have concerning traditional lighters: they don’t get drained that fast, and they are windproof.

Plasma lighters are not an infinite source of ignition, but they last longer than usual. They can light up to 100 cigarettes after one charging session. This charge can be up to two hours in larger, more sophisticated lighters. You can check out some models and prices at  Considering how much you would need to spend in traditional plastic lighters to reach that many ignitions, plasma lighters are a very inexpensive option.

How do you charge them?

You can charge your plasma lighter with a USB cable in any outlet, car, computer or portable power bank you may find where you are. And you wouldn’t need to replace flints or fill up the gas tank for that matter. If you have electricity, you can have a freshly charged plasma lighter.

Other characteristics that put regular lighters to shame

-Plasma lighters are windproof. Yes, it is true. Plasma lighters can perform outstandingly well under very windy conditions. The electricity arcs will never get disrupted enough to the point of not being able to light something. This makes them very reliable during outdoor activities.

-Plasma lighters can be used for longer without spending money on them. The batteries they use are often good enough to last for a couple of years. You will never find a traditional lighter that won’t require an extra money investment after being used for a very long time.

-It has fewer parts, so it’s harder to break: plasma lighters are so simple in design that you will wish you knew about them before. They only have the circuit, its cables, the electrodes and the battery, and that’s it. You won’t need to replace any spark wheel, flint or fuel in order to enjoy them for longer.

-Its heat source is hotter: You will need less time to set fire with a plasma lighter. They can reach temperatures as hot as 900 degrees Celsius. That’s about 20 times the temperature of a fuel lighters’ flame.

If you are not sure about purchasing a plasma lighter yet, think about this: old lighters are not as cool as a plasma lighter. First, you have those excellent purple arcs that look like sci-fi death rays. Second, you have durability. You won’t need another lighter for a long, long time.

And third, if you are in a windy or humid area, your lighter won’t be the one to fail you.

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