Insane OG Clothing Co. Review: Dope Clothes for Dope Lovers

Smoking, eating, vaping, or vaporizing cannabis is simply not enough for some users. They also show their love for the plant by wearing apparel that has cannabis designs, themes, and even subliminal messages. With the growing popularity of pot fashion, many weed enthusiasts are looking for the best stoner clothing brands in the market.

One of the clothing brands that have been creating a buzz is the Insane OG Clothing Co. Before you join the hype and grab a bundle of their clothes, you might first want to check if it’s worth your money. Let’s take an in-depth look at this cannabis clothing brand and its products.

About Insane OG Clothing Co.

Aside from his career as one of the lead rappers of Cypress Hill, B-Real or Louis Mario Freese is a well-known cannabis activist and an entrepreneur. He developed his cannabis brand and built six Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries in California. But did you know that B-Real also created a clothing line called Insane OG Clothing Co., dedicated to celebrating the stoner lifestyle?

This stoner fashion brand boasts a diverse collection full of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, hats, bags, and other accessories. You might notice that most of the clothes and accessories feature Dr. Greenthumb’s or the Insane OG logo, while only a few have the cannabis symbol. Whether you want to be loud with your passion for weed or celebrate with only the OG lovers who know, this brand can cater to your personal clothing preference.

Are Insane OG’s clothes good quality?

Designers at Insane OG Clothing Co. lean towards the concept of ultra-casual and simple fashion. Despite the design’s simplicity, you will be amazed by how the overall quality of their products is good. Some of the clothes are made with 100% cotton, which makes them extra comfy.

Other clothing pieces come in a blend of various fabrics to make them lightweight. They also have double-needle sleeves and bottom hill to give them a cleaner finish and make them more durable. Insane OG Clothing Co. ensures that all of its products are made and printed to the best standards available.

Is Insane OG Clothing worth it?

Insane OG Clothing Co.’s latest collection of t-shirts sell for a price of $33, while their sweatshirts cost $43. You may need to spend more cash if you’re looking for hoodies since they can go up to $53. Compared to other stoner clothing brands, their price range may seem a little expensive.

Despite the high cost and simplicity of the clothes, you can rest easy that you’ll receive good quality pieces. The dope clothes at Insane OG Clothing Co. are worth every penny if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks.

Where can you buy Insane OG Clothing Co. products?

If you’re planning on purchasing some Insane OG clothes, you may be able to find a decent selection on a few online stores and physical dispensaries. You can also visit the official website of Insane OG Clothing Co. to purchase from them directly. They offer shipping services to various U.S. states and even provinces in Canada. 

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