How Indoor Grow Tents Work

Various great reasons could lead to the relocation of outdoor gardening projects into indoor spaces. Using soil pots and hydroponics will allow you to the garden during all four seasons. You will also have unprecedented environmental control. This will lead to higher yields and fewer problems with diseases and pests.

However, you will still face a few challenges. Indoor growing will involve a more complicated approach than merely putting seedlings to the ground and allowing nature to take its course. An innovation that has led to a more versatile and inexpensive indoor gardening is the grow tent.

A basic grow tent will have a six-sided fabric that is installed over a stable frame. It will also include the opening of various openings that are suitable for electrical access and ventilation. The market offers multiple kinds of grow tents that vary in features and sizes.


These kits are designed to accommodate many hydroponic or soil pots arrangement using a range of tools.

Grow tent fabric

Your first concern may be getting the right size for the grow tent. However, the size is not the only factor to consider. The overall quality is determined by the fabric used in making the tent. The outer fabric is usually a heavy-duty canvas—mostly nylon or polyester. This is bonded to a reflective inner layer. The inner layer is often made of biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate.

The inner fabric offers excellent reflectivity thus increasing the light efficiency. The outer material is usually strong and durable. Linear mass density is used to express the shell of the outer fabric. Fabric with higher density will have a higher number.

The inner lining materials are expressed based on the amount of light that they reflect. Efficient light reflection will translate to less wasted energy. A good investment will be purchasing Indoor Grow Tent Kits that are made of higher quality fabric.

Grow tent frame

Grow tents are made of a framework of supporting poles. They are installed under the fabric shell. They reinforce the exterior shape and also provide stability. The frame carries the weight of the mounted fixtures and tools inside the tent. Several materials can be used to make the tent frames. Thicker poles with suitable fittings tend to support more weight than the thinner poles.

Grow tents vents and ports

Regulatory control is one of the goals of growing plants indoors. This can be hard for ventilation, filtration, hydroponic, and automation equipment will often need access to the outside environment for air circulation and various purposes.

The onboard access ports of the grow tent should be strategically sized and located. This will enable them to suit as many set-up equipment and options as possible. They should be crafted carefully to assist in the maintaining of the integrity of the inside environment.

It will be easier to produce healthy plants when you have the right tent set-up. It will also be more satisfying and cheaper. Therefore, you should research on the various options that are found in the market. You can begin your search by going to the gardening store near you.


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