How to Increase Cannabis Yields in Less Space

Increasing your cannabis yields is something important especially if you are doing it for commercial reasons. With limited space, this might seem impossible, so it is necessary to look for creative ways through which you can work in the limited space yet raise your yields. You could experiment with a number of things, but before you go into that, you can gain something from the tips provided here.

See how you can increase yields while on a small space without the need to increase your budget.

Lighting the right way

Lighting is one of the things you must observe when growing cannabis. Your plants will thrive well if the lighting is done perfectly, so you must consider this if space is an issue and you are farming indoors. It is strongly recommended you use high-intensity discharge lights like metal halide. Small gardens could also benefit from fluorescent lighting, but such lights are best for cloning. Note that you should make sure you are not creating a lot of heat around the plants as some lights are too heated to an extent the heat will start to affect the growth of your plants.

Use vertical space

To work with limited space, you would need to come up with new methods of farming your cannabis. One of the solutions you have in this case is using vertical space, which allows you to grow the plants upwards. You can buy one of those specially designed tents that allow you to easily arrange your plants in a vertical setup. Choose one of the growing systems & space saving ideas available that allow you to practice vertical arrangement of your plants. Make sure the floor of the compartments is strong enough to carry the weight of the cannabis once it matures.

Choose the right strain

As you know, there are different cannabis strains and each has a unique growing habit. When you want to optimize your limited space for productivity, this is one of the things you have to consider. You should choose a compact strain, in this case, probably indica, which has short internodes and does not stretch in its early flowering period. But don’t take this as a message that you cannot grow sativa in a small space. It is about how well you optimize the space to ensure your plants grow seamlessly.

Use hydroponics

Instead of using containers, you could plant your cannabis in hydroponics. The reason is that hydroponics allows you to save space and unlike traditional containers, these offer enough room for roots without the need to take more space. The roots can comfortably stretch in the small space because their needs are catered for with the constantly-renewed nutrient-rich water. You should also consider the shape of the container to ensure space is utilized optimally. A good example is where you choose a short squat pot that ensures the roots grow in an outward manner as opposed to moving downward.

Growing cannabis in a small space comes with a huge challenge that many people are not able to overcome. It takes a lot of planning and knowledge about how to arrange your setup to get things right. See above suggestions to understand how you can raise your cannabis yields in a small space.

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